Quickverse as a sermon tool is, well… if you can find it (Quickverse 10 Platinum) on Ebay or Amazon or even a yardsale…go ahead. It’s got a million resources in it.



If you get Quickverse after 2011, you won’t be able to register it. It will forever give you an option to register Quickverse. The domain is inactive, and it’s been hit by hackers, so trying to register it will get you a nice Trojan virus attack.

This is my own desptop I’ve created (they call it “Studyview’s”). I started opening Bibles (the King James) and then heretical translations (all the others) for mostly, well, use on the blog.

I then opened commentaries, and DRAGGED them to the left. It creates a blue outline while you drag it, and then when it’s where you want it, drop it. I then started opening more commentaries. I don’t know how many I can open at the same time without crashing it. Not going to find out!

Sermon illustrations… I opened one, and dragged it and dropped it on the bottom.

The program crashed.

I tried this three more times (I used to do 4 tiles when I had Quickverse 2 back in the ’90’s) and finally, it stuck without crashing. I can’t create the third tile of Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias. Quickverse was good when it first came out. When Laridian bought it, it annoyed me because they made changes to it which prevented my commentary from working any more, so I stayed with Logos 2.0 at that time.

I think you can see from the first sermon illustration listed why I despise them.

To write sermons in QV, (wow, it;s been like 20 years since I used that abbreviation!) you simply have to… use a different program. I guess it never occurred to Craig Reardon that Pastors would want ot keep their sermons in one central place. So, use Libre Office or Open office. I recently found that Microsoft Office is free online in a limited capacity, and I’m using it for my thesises, thank you kindly! There, I just saved you hundreds of dollars! If you have a Microsoft OneDrive cloud, the online Microsoft office will automatically save your sermons there. No matter where you write… you can now print them out at home or at the church. Or even just have a Kindle open on the Pulpit, and do your sermons from that.

If you buy QV, you may notice a couple of differences between the screen shot and yours. I created a folder and called it “Sermon material”. I then (one at a time) clicked on every sermon related material in the Reference Folder, CUT it, and pasted onto the Sermon Material folder. When you’re done, right click on the Sermon Material folder and choose “Re-scan Folder’.

Everything is sorted in order.

My advice – ignore the “Annotations” feature. For some bizarre reason, it doesn’t work. Maybe it worked in Windows XP, but it never worked in Vista, and still doesn’t in 8.1. At this time, I refuse to upgrade to Windows 10, until they remove the tracking features from it.

So, right hand pane is the Bible reading tile. You can make your own study view, and if you want the Bible on the left, feel free. I’m right eye dominant and left handed, so I’m all messed up. I like the Bible on the side of my dominant eye. Commentaries and dictionaries I like on my left.

Sermon illustrations are on the bottom, as stated before. Reading through those will make you apoplectic, I guarantee it.

To search the meaning of a word, select it, right click, and choose “Quick define”. If you’re doing any kind of Greek or Hebrew lookups, forget about it. you’re limited to Strongs.

There’s three different ways to copy a text, so be aware of that. It’s annoying in that Findex, who bought QV from Laridian, chose to always cite the citation BEFORE the Bible text, which is not the standard way to do it. Findex was headquartered in Nebraska, but my information was they were a Las Vegas talent booking company. I guess they couldn’t find enough Elvis imitators, so they decided to buy a Bible software company. Probably another reason Findex went broke – Christians rightfully would not support a company like that. Any more than they buy Zondervan materials.


select your text, right click, and choose “copy passage”. Trust me, it’s a lot less annoying if you go the extra step. It will paste it in your Word Document, and then you just have to cut the reference and paste it at the end.

QV has about 10 highlight colors, but like Wordsearch, some of them aren’t usable. I just use tan, yellow, cyan, green and blue. The Orange is a little too… bold. The other colors are too solid, and tend to drown out whatever I’m trying to highlight. Highlighting things are good unless you can’t read them after that!

While reading commentary as you prepare your sermons, I’d highlight the wheat portions of the commentary, and ignore the chaff. Same as the other Bible programs, be sure to use cross references in your studies and your Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias.

If you can find QV 2010 for less than $30, it’s worth it. I’d probably have been more than a little angry if I’d paid the $800 and some of the features didn’t work, like the Annotation feature.

One thing it does do… user books. You can make a Greek or hebrew dictionary. It acutally saves the foreign alphabet. Something to think about. If you’re desperate for a major piece of Bible software and have only $50 to spend, you should look for, well, Quickverse and one of the free packages like the Accordance demo for foreign language tools, and of course Bible Analyzer.

Sadly, nobody yet has managed to make one bit of Bible software with every feature in it. Logos is getting close to it, though.


Author: philipdean2013

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