Readying your Sermon

Okay, you’ve picked your text. During this series, I’m going to give instructions for Logos, Wordsearch and Quickverse, as these three are the ones I use the most. I’ll also give some pointers for Accordance, but I only use Accordance at this point for reference.

These notes refer mostly to Logos, as Logos can do a few things no other program really can do.

Open your favorites in your left hand side of the screen.

Create a folder and name it “Sermons”.

Create a folder inside that and name it “2016”

Now you can create folders inside it, and name it “August” etc.

Open those, and name them “Week one” “Week 2” etc. If you’re preaching full time, name them “Sunday morning week 1″, Sunday Evening Week 1” etc.

Create a note file, and drag the tab over inside the “Week one” folder.

Logos Favorites


Now, all research you can place inside that folder the same way. Good article in the Faithlife Study Bible? (it happens sometimes!) Drag the tab – with that article open inside it – in that folder. Now you’ll have all your research inside that folder.

Create a sermon file in other programs?

Wordsearch, create a word processor document. The word processor in Wordsearch is horrible. It’s basically the same one that was in Bible Explorer in 2008, and Quickverse in 2010. It creates an HTML file (who thought THAT one up???) with very limited text formatting. I can’t believe I put up with that for YEARS. At this point, all my sermons I’ve written were done on this horrible word processor. I tried giving them nice, orderly appearance and… no go.

Now, if you’re doing the 1 year reading plan style of preaching, make a Faithlife group for your church. It’s all part of Logos. You have to create a presentation group in Faithlife to use Proclaim anyway. Go ahead and make one for your church.


1. Make the presentation group (you had to do that anyway, so it’s already done

2. Make the Church group in Faithlife.

Create the reading plan…

…and share it with your church group. If they buy the $9.99 King James Bible and download the free Logos engine, they now can join your Faithlife group for your church, and join the reading cycle. It actually will show up in their Logos. Complete Bible software for $10. It’s not going to be as frustrating to most of them as it was for you, as most of them will never be looking up Greek and Hebrew words and meanings.

GREAT way to get your congregation to read along.

Tomorrow, we look at how to study the text, and begin the rough plans of shaping your sermon.


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