Tim Laheye, passed at 90

Although I’m opposed to the leaven of Evangelicalism, and its anti-Fundamentalism stamp, I’ve read a lot by Tim LaHeye, and if he only could have gotten a sense of the doctrine of the Inspiration and Preservation of the Bible, I think (perhaps overly optimistically) he would have changed to a Fundamentalist overnight.

I’ve recommended his “How to Study The Bible For Yourself” book (with some reservations of course – I disagree with his recommending any Bible but the King James) on this blog. I hope people consider it, as it has given me a lot of resources to my Bible study. His “The Rapture” book is also recommended.

It was funny to me that he passed on yesterday at the age of 90, as I was just thinking last week he probably wouldn’t live much longer.

There’s a lot of controversy about was he a Freemason (I saw no evidence of it, but some people were able to make the connection) and about his support of certain people. The problem with that I blame on Evangelicalism and its “Don’t judge” philosophy, and the belief in a Universal church, which means the unity a local church is supposed to have now is superimposed on all people who call themselves Christian whether they are or not.

So, I know there are people that disagree with me. Certainly, I wish he could have been a fellow fundamentalist.But I think Tim Laheye was one of the greatest champions of our age in the truth of a pre-trib rapture. And he was a strong advocate of the average Christian trying to understand prophecy, and of studying the Bible for themselves.

I guess I’ll have to pick up the slack on that now!


Author: philipdean2013

Seminary graduate with a Ba. in Theology/Pastoral Studies, Happily married, Independent Baptist. I can't keep silent about what I see going on in Christianity any longer! Apostasy reigns around us, churches are sliding into worldiness, a whitewashed Gospel is preached everywhere... "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Jeremiah 6:16 (KJV) So, I'm speaking out. ...Why aren't you???

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  1. I agree with you Philip. But I also personally know a couple of Roman Catholics who came out of the Whore, due to his “Left Behind” books. They were terrified, started reading the Bible, asked questions, and got saved. Who knows how that works? I got saved eventually because I refused to believe in evolution, as it was crammed down my throat in school. I just knew I was being lied to, so I kept looking for an answer. It seems different for everyone. Jim got saved listening to New Evangelical Billy Graham on the radio, and many get saved through the extremities of prison.

    He was fundamental in part, the important part, and I believe we will see him when we all get to heaven. As an Evangelical, a rather conservative one, he tried to reach the sheep through their culture, rather than through preaching. We both agree these methods are why we are smack dab in the middle of the Laodicean church age. But I also know, that the Word of God is so powerful that it can transcend any of the machinations that sinful men distort it with. It’s a matter of will, always a matter of will.

    “Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely,” (Rev. 22:17)


    1. I’m not in any way discounting Tim LaHeye’s work – I read everything I could by him when I first thought I was saved, and much of what I read seemed to me to be the same way I was seeing the Bible – it made sense. Years later, getting Biblically saved, and re-reading it all, after getting a degree in theology – still the same opinion. Makes more sense to me than post-trib, pre-wrath or mid-trib.
      I think if I could have talked with him for an hour, he’d have been a serious Fundamentalist.


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