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I won’t be putting updates on this blog every time the lessons are added to! There will be two new lessons a week – if you want to participate, please sign up at the above link!


Easy Church Membership

If anyone has the RCL program “Easy Church Membership” downloaded, please let me know. I’ve tried to find a copy of it, and there’s no way to contact the programmer anymore.

Make yourself (and God) the promise

I realize that some of the readers, possibly most of the 200, are probably Evangelical Christians, instead of Fundamentalist.

And it’s probably amusing to see my rants, which is one of the crowd-draws on my blog (“Hey, Philip is losing his temper again! Come look!”).

But I’m making the appeal to you – if you’re not a Fundamentalist, choose this day to make the promise to God you’re going to start living for him.

Being a Fundamentalist is not a guarantee you’re saved. Nor is being a Fundamentalist getting saved. The key to reading the Gospels in this issue is this… look for the word Disciples.

That’s it.

26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:26 (KJV)

27 And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:27 (KJV)

33 So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:33 (KJV)

Can Evangelicals be saved? Of COURSE! It’s kind of a silly question.

Will you get rewards?

I guarantee you’ll get one for showing up. But past that, I can’t say. I will say that choosing to follow the Lord, by giving up of yourself and choosing to follow the LOrd in discipleship… it’s probably going to get you more rewards than living a rebellious lifestyle.

Choose this day to follow the Lord. It’s a lifestyle change, a change of attitude. It’s not a resolution.

What have you got to lose? Lots.

But that shouldn’t be your motivation. WHat does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul?

Follow the Lord. Obey His Bible.

What DIDN’T I get to in 2015?

I never got to deal with Hinduism, Buddhism, or Shintoism. So that’s something I’m planning on dealing with in 2016 – but it should only take one month to do ALL of them in a row!

I’ve got a lot more to write about Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Judaism, Messianic Jews, Roman Catholics, etc… but I think from here on I’ll be addressing these subjects in 1 week intervals. Got to those a little bit. I may redo all those series soon, not because I’ve got more to say, but because most Christians seem blissfully unaware on what the Bible has to say on these cults/false religions!

I never got to return to the proofs of Jesus Christ/Answering Judaism, and educating about Israel.

Word of Faith and The Rapture. Those I addressed early on. It’s brought up some debates last year, and some of you were amused by my post about “lessons learned from 100 debates”.

So I hope to get to these a little more as we go along.

I’d meant all year to do a one week series on “What is Biblical Christianity?” Every time I started writing it, it came out sounding like articles I’d already written. Rather than repeat myself, I put it off, until I can figure out how best to do it.

Series’ I wasn’t happy with – Mormonism ranks as the series I was most unhappy with. I plan on doing that in 2017 if the LORD delays His return.

The Case For Fundamentalism series was going on during a veryr stressful time, and I was really too busy to do more than take hasty notes I scrawled at work, and string them together. At the same time, I had a number of online comment debates going on. I may revisit this one at some point.

Proofs for Christianity got almost no comments. I was really surprised that my daily hits dropped to between 14-20 a day during that series, so I put it off. I think if I ever do this one, i’ll move it into a post-dated time like 2010 or something, so the information is out there, but I’m not boring people to tears.

Things that surprised me over the last year – no comment whatsoever from SDA. THey’re usually supposed to be pretty good about defending their faith. It doesn’t mean that I answered them so well they’re scared to bring it up – my experiences with JW’s and Roman Catholics shows me that… well… I can completely demolish your argument, and the most diehard devotee will come RIGHT BACK and repeat themselves as if I never said anything! It’s kind of like when I addressed Calvinism and got no responses from Calvinists.

No comments from Church of Christ, except for the guy who used to post comment spam all the time, and I finally got very heated about it in one post. I don’t know if Google/Blogger got too many complaints about him, and sternly ordered him to stop. I’m assuming so, because I’m pretty sure that he’s never read word one of my responses to him.

Biggest surprise – the mid-trib/prewrath people still are bringing up Margaret McDonald, even after I wrote the blog post on her. To my surprise, two of the most often read articles is “Franklin GRaham and the Rapture” and “Margaret McDonald”. A third is the Word Faith Timeline article.

Those three are among my most often read. And still, I get hit from time to time by comments from mid-trib, post trib and no-trib adherents as if I hadn’t said a word.

The Prepping and Doctrine articles are series I began, but very quickly got busy and completely spaced it that I was even writing these series! In 2015, I began to move away from writing articles in Thingamablog in off time, and instead wrote them every night after dinner for the next day… and sometimes that day! The end result is that… I lost track of what I’d been working on. So, I hope to work on those as well!

Christian Persecution

More Proof of False Christian Persecution – my note – This author does not believe that Christians are persecuted – and he apparently is a pastor. I don’t care about Football, I think it’s a ridiculous waste of time and money, and Christians are not supposed to conform to the world. I list this to show that some people do not believe Christians are being persecuted for their faith. His first article in this series was “beware the power of a single story.” In answer, here’s two or three articles of “false” Christian persecution.

Europarliment Prez: “Christians not safe”

7th-grader told to kill herself for not denying God

Chinese Officials Shut Down House Church for ‘Violating Religious Affairs Regulations’

Egyptian Mother of 2 Has Throat Slit by Family for Converting to Christianity

The moral revolution’s threat to Christianity

3 Churches Destroyed Amid Rampant Christian Persecution in Sudan

Christmas trees and carols ban in Virginia veterans’ hospital sparks uproar

“The View” Libels Christians With Claim Hitler Was a Christian

Teen Arrested in Pastor’s Wife’s Slaying

Pro-family professor faces punishment on discrimination charges

Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard

Obama owes Christians an apology, says pastor

Atheist Groups Attack Mayor For Praying To End Violence

British Christian Brutally Beaten Outside Home By Muslim Neighbours

TN School Accused of Islamic Indoctrination

Home-schooled kids can’t compete in science fair guess the Atheists are tired of losing to Christian kids. Embarassing.

Australian Bishops Face Lawsuit for Distributing Traditional Marriage Booklet

Swedish court says Christian midwife ‘must do abortions’

West has ‘betrayed the Christians of the East’, says Syrian Patriarch note – You must be born again to be a Christian. But people who consider themselves Christians are being deliberately targeted by governments simply for that reason.

Christian refugees discriminated against by US and UK governments

New law forces pro-life clinics to promote abortion

Atheist Group Wants Removal of ‘Obnoxious’ Gideon Bibles From Hotel Rooms

Islamic State threatens attack on Washington

So maybe it was more than two. Sorry. Maybe Christian persecution is real. BTW, check the dates on these stories! This is over a little over a month’s time…

2016! What’s next???

I don’t know!

I’ve dealt with most major cults and false religions at this point. I’d really love to deal with Evangelicalism the way I’ve dealt with false religions, but I know people would take it wrong and assume I’m saying the only people that are saved are Fundamentalist Baptists, and that’s not the case. So I’ll probably be leaving that one alone except for solitary articles now and then.

I haven’t really written anything on the New Age, so I’d love to deal with that. It used to be that the only people who wer new age were hippies, then it was the smiling people who never bathed in the ’70’s. Phew! But today, it’s everyone. They’ve just learned to change it from beads and headbands to suits and polished buzzwords. So I’ll deal with that, which means a return to SDA briefly!

Once I deal wtih that, there’s Hinduism. I’d commented last year at this time I really didn’t need to answer them, since it doesn’t have very many devotees in the West anymore, since the Beatles broke up. But then they started slaughtering Christians and becoming horribly militant. And started killing Christians by the dozens, in usually horrible ways. So I guess at this point I’ll have to deal with them. Like Buddhists, their theology quickly falls apart when examined.

I’ll probably deal with Buddhists as well this year. I’d dealt with them twice, but I’d found out that once you take down one of their cardinal doctrines, everything else fell apart quickly. So I’ll get to that, but it’s not going to take more than a week.

I think one of the MAJOR issues facing Christianity today is simply Bible ignorance and Bible agnosticism. So I’ll be addressing those as well.

Christianity also has reached a point where we are facing the kind of persecution in the West where most Bible teachers used to say we wouldn’t see before the Rapture. I may again break one of my cardinal rules and discuss some politics on this blog. Expect weekly articles on the current news events, and some editorials. I think one of the biggest rages I’ve had lately is that of the Western Christians turning a blind eye to a wholesale genocide of Middle Eastern Christians. Missions people used to talk about the 10/40 window being “unreached for the Gospel”. Now they have to admit, it has turned lethal to the Gospel. Christians there should expect to die for their faith. I cannot ask any of my readers to go to Syria, knowing it means your death. But please start praying the Lord will change the situation over there.

We’re going to have some articles on prayer, since to my surprise my article on prayer for pastors got zero, read ZERO likes. That tells me that most Christians have zero prayer life.

My articles on church planting seemed to have hit some people, as I noticed that some people from certain countries never missed a day. Well, that’s because these articles were for YOU! And possibly me, but I STILL have not had confirmation from the LORD on this, and I will not plant a church without the LORD’s leading. I may add articles from time to time.

Christian Anti-semitism. I’m going to hit this one this year. Unfortunately, everyone in the world has been telling Christians that they’re racist, homophobic, intolerant, etc for the last 10 years. But I noticed not just an amivalence towards the Jewish people, but some outright hostility back when I was trying to reach my people with the Gospel over a year ago. My stats PLUMMETED once I started talking about the Jews and Israel. So, we’re going to take some time to revisit this subject, but I’ll preface it why Christians really should care about Israel & the Jews.

Biggest theme over this next year – well, we’ve already seen that when I try to plan out articles, they never quite go the way I intend them to go! But a major component this year will be preaching, and Bible study. We’re a gonna open our Bibles and do some study. Not the hasty run through I took everyone through in Romans two years ago, but a little more in depth.

Gonna be a bumpy ride!

Highly Recommends!

Over the years, I’ve given some highly recommended materials. I’ve never had anyone put up a comment on them, saying, “yes! I got them and you’re absolutely right!”

So, of course, I wonder if anyone has gotten them?

First is the Way of Life Encyclopedia. I do not use this near as often as I should. I’m one of those guys who decides to build a log cabin, and before drawing up plans, I’m cutting down trees. So when it comes to research for articles, I jump in and start writing them, and forget… “Hey, I’ve got this great resource!” That list of questions I’d use whenever a Catholic came on and tried to say they were a Christian… I got those questions from the WOL Encyclopedia. Very good! It’s inexpensive enough that I just don’t know why everyone does not own one! You can also get this for Bible Analyzer.

the One Year Discipleship course – going through this has almost been like another year of seminary. Again, every Christian should own this. I do not understand why this course, which is like $15 or so, has not sold BILLIONS.

Wordsearch 11. I’m amazed how, with the investment of a little time, I was able to set myself up with tools that any Apologist could use. I can very quickly find the answers to the most common objections to Jesus Christ, or answers to any cults. Wordsearch was designed basically by putting the best features of Bible Explorer and Quickverse (that venerable Bible program that back in the 90’s almost every Christian owned) and combining them with Wordsearch 7.0, and creating Wordsearch 10. Then they added more features, some of which I suggested to them, and they made Wordsearch 11. And… I’ve sent them MORE suggestions!

Verse lists. Note stacks. The ability to mark up and even write your own notes on any book module in the program. Instant Search. An easier copy-paste function than most Bible programs.

Wordsearch Basic is free. Wordsearch 11 is $40. If you put aside $10 a month to get it, it would only take (gets out calculator) five months to get it!

So my math isn’t that good. Listen, even if you can’t afford to buy a candy bar, you can still afford Wordsearch Basic. It is free.

Because they intended it for Baptists, and they know that’s the only price most will pay.