One Minute after The Rapture

Let me pick just a couple of professions, to make a point.

informal interviews with Navy Pilots and with Law Enforcement show me that at least a third of both professions claim to be Evangelical Christians.

A disproportionate number of both are actually Fundamentalist, compared to statistics in society.

Worried yet? If you’re not a Christian, you should be.

Because that means that probably one sixth (not all of them are on duty at the same time) of all Police cars, Sheriff’s vehicles, and Navy jets are going to be out of control a second after the Rapture.

There’s going to be some bad traffic on those days. If there are 200 million automobiles on the road in the US, and we postulate that 10% of Americans are Christians (that’s way above the numbers I’ve calculated, and FAR below the statistics that many believe)… that means there’s going to be 20 million auto accidents.

1,500 jets in the air… 150 airplane crashes.

Traffic Helicopter pilots… probably 150 of those.

We apparently don’t have to worry about Christian firemen… I’m guessing they’re all being systematically fired for their faith. But those religiously-motivated firings have “nothing to do with religious motivation”.

So we won’t have firetrucks crashing on their way to put out fires and get cats out of trees.

I’ve only dealt with a few of the details here. One of the things I’ve mentioned is that 20 years ago, Christians used to pass out tracts saying “Millions missing after the Rapture!”

Personally, I’ve come to realize that thanks to ineffective methods of presenting the gospel (4 spiritual laws, easy believism, Hyles-ist 1,2,3 repeat after me…) that literally, one in ten people that think they are Christian are truly Christian.

We may see entire churches disappear except for a few. We may see some churches where half the congregation disappears. We may see some churches where out of 200 people, twenty are gone.

I guarantee there’ll be some churches where NOBODY disappears.

It may be that the biggest revival in history will not be before the Rapture, but one minute AFTER the Rapture.

Make sure you are saved. Make sure that you are not relying on raising a hand in a tent meeting. Predestination. Being sprinkled as a baby. Eating a cracker dipped in grape juice. Walking an aisle. repeating someone’s mantra. Being pressured into it.

And the biggest offenders… everyone in your family is a Christian, and you feel like you need to pretend.

Get it right today. The Rapture could be this afternoon. It could be before you’re done reading this.



Looking Ahead

for those that just joined us, I’ve managed in only about a year and a half to answer several major cults and false religions. In many ways, I’ve still got a long way to go.

Warning is only part of this ministry, but in most ways it’s the most important part. I’m watching Christians sleepwalk through their lives. Many Christians are doing little in the way of what makes a Christian a Christian – fasting, praying, reading their Bible.

In other words, most people who claim to be Christians are not showing any evidence in their lives of being a Christian. This in itself is no condemnation (I think we have to accept most Christians today have no earthly idea of what happens after you’re saved), but it is alarming.

And the number of Christians who quote authors who are clearly not Christians shows an astounding lack of discernment, Many Christians look down on the word of Faith adherents, all the while espousing doctrines and quoting teachers which are also unBiblical.

I’ve recently named names and quotes of Bible teachers who’ve shown an astounding betrayal of everything that is Christianity. I did it on purpose. Stop listening to those men. Independent Baptists all unite in condemning Rick Warren, but go on quoting C. S. Lewis – we have to be consistent. Either accept everyone, or show wisdom and Biblical discernment. I mean, I could figure it out who’s a good teacher and who isn’t – it was easy. You just pay attention to what they say and write. They’ll TELL you their heresies or backslidden state.

I’ve named Rick Warren, Charles Swindoll, John Ankerberg and Warren Wiersbe as men to be careful of. They’re all modernists, the same kinds that preachers back in the 1940’s used to preach against. I haven’t heard ANY of these men deny the virgin birth, or call Genesis a myth. But they’ve come right out and openly stood against a literal acceptance of the Bible.

You can’t say one thing and do another – that’s hypocrisy.

David Cloud speaks of enjoying listening to Warren Wiersbe coming to preach at his seminary. But then he read Christianity Today and was shocked at the outright liberalism and Ecumenism pushed by the magazine. David Cloud wrote to Mr. Wiersbe and asked how could he possibly be part of a magazine that advocated unSaved men as Bible teachers, and an evident desire for Christians to unite with false cults. Mr. Wiersbe’s response was that “In all things Unity” and “We shouldn’t fight with other beilievers.”

The Bible tells me something different. I am to rebuke a brother who is clearly backslidden and advocating error. And if they don’t repent and change their ways, I am to separate from them. If they attended my church, my next point would be to get another Christian, discuss it with him, then the two of us go to the pastor together. If that Christian did not repent, he would be separated from that Church. Church discipline would kick in.

Charles Swindoll is a famous teacher. But he stands firmly opposed to anyone who accepts a literal interpretation of the Bible. Literally, he has separated himself from anyone who literally believes in the Bible.

Mr. Wiersbe, who I used to enjoy listening to, was speaking about Romans, and proceeded to give judgment on what verses he thought should be in the Bible. We’re men, not gods. God determines what’s in the Bible. I stopped listening to Mr. Wiersbe on that day.

John Ankerberg strongly fights against the King James Only movement. Like James White, he has determined to oppose it. Why? I don’t think he can give a good answer.

But the capstone event for me with Mr. Ankerberg was when Kent Hovind was on his show, debating a man who believed in the “Theistic Evolution” heresy and the Gap theory – Ankerberg sided with that man. From what I’ve seen and heard of Mr. Ankerberg, he has consistently sided against Fundamentalists. If this offends Mr. Ankerberg, my apologies – I’ll be glad to print a retraction if you can show me videoclips where you’ve sided with Fundamentalists against modernists or Evangelicals. Evangelicalism is not the same thing as Fundamentalism.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me siding with Modernists kind of states your own position. I don’t buy everything Kent Hovind says, but if you asked me whether I sided with a man who believes the flood was only in Noah’s city or with a man who literally believes in the Bible, I’m going to side with the man who believes in the Bible.

How can any Christian accept Evolution??? It’s patently unBiblical, and completely unScientific! WHY would a Bible believing Christian oppose a Bible believing Christian for accepting a literal reading of the word of God?

He wouldn’t. Only a modernist would.

So in addition to warning against teachers we should be careful of, false teachers and cult leaders, as well as religious cults, and false religions… part of my ministry is to reach Christians that don’t know any better… and to teach you. So you’ll see the correct doctrine series once a week to help you to see how to read your bible- questions and feedback always welcome.

Last of all, my ministry includes the Great Commission. I am to preach the Gospel to every creature. You are too, but many of you are not doing it. Get busy!

Who do you like?

Early on in this blog, I asked “Who do you like?” The idea was to compile a list, from comments, of good Bible teachers. There’s WAY too many on SermonAudio for me to go through and say, “I like him and him, avoid him…”

a couple of readers clicked “like” and rated it five stars, but nobody left comments who you like.

I mentioned David Cloud, Marc Monte… i mentioned a few others that were okay except for this issue of….

Who do you like? give me a list.

2. Patterns of Evidence: Exodus – Facing the Facts

proof where “experts” have insisted there was no proof. What that amounted to was “experts” closing their eyes and dismissing all the proofs before them!

Bible-Science Guy


Is the Bible’s account of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt a myth?

Or are most archaeologists wrong when they say there is no evidence of an Egyptian sojourn and Exodus?

A recent documentary boldly confronts the general consensus of opinion among archaeologists, Egyptologists, and scholars that the Exodus as described in the Bible never happened. Most say if it did happen, then it occurred around 1250 BC under Ramses II (aka Ramses the Great), but they say there’s absolutely no archaeological evidence for it then.

This outstanding documentary, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, presents abundant evidence to dispute this consensus of opinion. This film from Thinking Man Films chronicles 12 years of in-depth archaeological research in Egypt and Israel by author and filmmaker Timothy Mahoney. He interviews over a dozen archaeologists and professors with expertise in Egyptian and Israeli archaeology on both sides of the Exodus issue: those who…

View original post 1,987 more words

Running out of time… tick tick tick

continuing on with yesterday’s topic… I’ve made a strong case that an organized, wholesale persecution of Christians has begun. Well, technically it began years ago, but it’s increasing radically.

And of course, I’m aware that there are atheists who still read this blog, mostly to see what those goofy Christians are up to?

Well, we’re being persecuted, suffering, and dying for our faith. Guess what? You’re going to see it – in your lifetime – where Christians are tortured and killed for their faith in Germany. In the UK. In Canada. In the US. It’s already been happening, they’re just calling it “workplace violence”. Funny how “School shootings” always seem to target the Christian kids first. “workplace violence” always seems to deliberately target those Christians first that are unapologetic about their faith.

Moving on to the next symptom, there’s an increase of apostasy. I’ve been slowly introducing that thought since, well, 2012. But it’s evident if you’ve been reading this blog.

The Bible says in the last days, that many false teachers will arise. Wow, yeah, that’s abundant and evident. I’m dumbfounded at what is being preached today. There is an obvious hatred of the Bible coming from many Bible teachers. Congregations are numb today to hearing Pastors say that” this verse is a scribal error, it should read…”

Hey, that’s God’s word you’re slandering! Aren’t you the least bit afraid of that?

I stopped listening to Warren Wiersbe when he ridiculed a verse in Romans in the King James, claiming it was an obvious attempt by some pious scribe to copy part of a verse later on and stick it earlier in the chapter.

ah, the mythical “pious scribe”. He must have done that to the very first copy of Romans, because it reads that way in the majority of lectionaries, uncials, miniscules, etc. It’s only in flawed and questionable manuscripts it reads the way Wiersbe thinks it should be.

Friends, I can’t think of too many Bible teachers as influential as Warren Wiersbe. To question God’s word is the height of arrogance. You’re man, God is God. God wrote it that way – who are YOU to question that?

It used to be that when a pastor denied the virgin birth, it made newspaper headlines. Today, Christian universities are erecting statues to men who deny the virgin birth. That’s frightening.

It used to be when pastors questioned the Bible as myths, that men of God rose in the pulpits to denounce them on Sunday Mornings. Today, we invite those same men to preach in our pulpits, and pay them high honorariums.

Men who deny the trinity are featured in TV shows. their books sell millions. We even give them roles in Christian movies where they get a brief but critical role as the pastor who teaches about the pre-trib rapture, just before all the Christians disappear…

20 years ago, a Christian pastor with a radio ministry commented that things are happening today in Christianity he thought would not happen until AFTER the Rapture! That was 20 years ago!

Apostasy is rampant. Persecution of Christians is rising. False teachers prevail. Pastors who hold true to the Bible are being pushed out. Seminary graduates who are Fundamentalist are having to stay in their day jobs, because, well, churches are not hiring men of God, but entertainers.

tick… tick… tick…

the clock is ticking. Ticking fast. If there’s some ministry for Christ that you feel God is impressing upon you, better start. That family member you never witnessed to? Do it now.

Wanted to write a website or blog for Christianity? no more procrastination. Do it now.

Start witnessing to friends, enemies, neighbors. Do it.

These are all things you cannot do while you’re in heaven. And you’re going there, VERY soon.

Time is running out. I become more convinced every day. Evil is rampant in the world. The trumpet blast is probably starting as a ringing in your ears. It’s going to get louder and louder and louder until… you hear a voice call out, loud and mighty, “COME UP HITHER”.


I cannot emphasize this enough. We’re running out of time. The feeling wakes me up at night. “hurry! Finish your writings! finish your blog! Finish the Tribulation site!”

I’m driven by this feeling, that I’m running out of time to get everything done. And that you are too.

Lastly, if you have doubts about your salvation, get that settled and now. If you have doubts, but decide to put that off, make sure you’ve bookmarked my website on surviving the Tribulation, and you start printing out the pages once it’s complete, which I hope to finish in the next few months.

You’re going to need it.

To my atheist readers – guys, this is reality. You’re going to see it happen with your own eyes. don’t put it off until I disappear. You want to get right with God and get saved LONG before the Rapture. That means today.

Because very early in the Tribulation, VERY early, over a billion people will die. That’s a quarter of the population of the earth.

Get saved now, while there’s still time to avoid that.

11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. Romans 13:11 (KJV)

Time to wake up

I’m going to take a moment and address for a moment visitors to my blog – because I know by now my regular readers have gotten the message.

In the last few weeks, I’ve taken the time to share SermonAudio stories on persecution of Christians. In just a few months, they have gone from one here and there to… masses of them. Daily reports.

  • A fire chief loses his job because he’s a Christian.
  • A scientist uncovers dinosaur bones that have traces of skin on them and soft bones that are not petrified. He is let go.
  • My seminary a few years ago got a big boost of over 40 Pastors in Nigeria, signing up to learn and get an education they were denied because there’s very few seminaries on the entire continent. Then Bokol Harum began their killings. Most of those pastors dissapeared, probably dead or taken as slaves.
  • Christian bakers and wedding photographers are being forced to make decisions between their beliefs and their livelihoods.
  • Christian magistrates are resigning their jobs rather than being forced to comply with things that violate their beliefs.
  • Homeschoolers are being saddled with questions, restrictions, and outright illegal legislation all designed to harass and intimidate Christians.
  • A Christian who is a scientist is harassed and slandered bhy atheist groups, simply because he is publishing information that confirms the Bibical stories. Until his cases go to court and they find that the judge agrees with him, and issues him the judgment for slander. Suddenly other groups that harassed and slandered him are quickly offering denials and statements they may have been in error.
  • Christian churches are being burned in locations a thousand miles away and completely unrelated to events concerning a French satire magazine – and the justification is exactly that, “Because of the French Satire magazine.”
  • Christians are being tortured and executed worldwide. They are being kidnapped and sold into slavery. Because they are Christian.

These events are increasing. The world is decidedly hostile to true Christians. And by extension, it is also hostile to those who think they are Christians, but are not. To me, that’s really the horrific thing, is anyone who considers themselves a Christian and is not – and STILL getting persecuted.

There’s a war on. It was declared in the garden of Eden six thousand years ago.

You face an enemy with a hatred of God, of Jesus Christ… and of mankind.

It’s time we woke up. It’s time we got serious for the Lord.

We play at being christians. Once you bow your head and repent of your sins, and call upon the LORD Jesus Christ to save you, you lose that right to go along, being a wordly or casual Christian.

12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. 13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. 14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. Romans 13:12-14 (KJV)

It’s high time we all got serious, learned some doctrine, got ourselves right with the LORD.

It’s time we stopped ignoring other Christian’s burdens. We’re not supposed to be just having kindly affectioned feelings to other Christians, but love one another.

You know, The LORD has placed on the New Testament Christian MANY commands we have to live by. Ready for the list?

  1. Love the Lord thy God with all our might, soul and strength
  2. love one another.

Print those out, and plan on a couple of serious months trying to memorize that list of commandments. Okay, I’m being a little giddy there, but this is serious stuff. God’s only asked us a couple of things to do. Let’s do them.

Back in the ’90’s, Kent Hovind suggested everyone cancel their cable TV and use that money to support a missionary directly. I know, southern Baptists give to their Lottie Moon offerings, and the “keep the change” program. That’s two months over the year… what about the other ten months?

Does your church have a benevolence fund to assist those Christians in need?

Is your church taking up collections to help ease the burden of Christians worldwide who are starving? Dying of disease? Left to be butchered and massacred by a “Religion of peace”?

For my American readers, is anyone aware there’s a nation in Africa that considered itself the 51st state? The national language is English, they are a democratic style Republic like the US, has a constitution?

At least, that’s how it was up until a few years ago, when militia began massacring thousands. And the US did nothing. Did your church send food and money? Let’s remember Liberia. After all, it was settled by ex-patriots, former citizens of the United States who returned to their land of origin after being freed from slavery – but still loved America too much to leave it behind. Oh, and by the way – they had a majority of the population as Christian. I wonder if they still love a country that has treated them with contempt and indifference?

Get serious. At the very least, withdraw from the world, a little at a time. Spend time reading your Bible. Studying it. You should know at the VERY least the major points and themes of your Bible. It’s very important to actually know what it teaches.

I’m amazed when I can tell people the Bible requires you to separate from false teachers and those with erroneous doctrine, and people ask me for chapter and verse. And when I tell them, they usually say, “I’ve never seen that before!”

The big problem is the same one the Apostle Paul faced 2,000 years ago. Most Christians never get beyond milk, and move on to the meat.

Get serious, Get real. Do something for the Lord. Quit playing Christian and start being one. We’re running out of time.

Questions and answers on multiple subjects

“Why is there an agenda to get Christians to use modern Bibles?”

Because now it’s harder for Christians to learn true doctrine. By carefully fudging the truth, by reading words that have multiple meanings, you can push Bible teachers who deny cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith, and nobody will notice.

Today’s Christians will accept almost any man or woman in a suit who stands in a pulpit. Benny Hinn still makes millions, billions in donations after making heretical statements that each member of the Trinity is themselves a Trinity. He’s still making billions after making prophetic utterances that did not happen.

“Don’t all Bibles say basically the same thing?

7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. 8 And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one. 1 John 5:7-8 (KJV)

7 For there are three who bear testimony, the Spirit, and the water, 8 and the blood; and the three are one. 1 John 5:7-8 (MontgomeryNT)

7 For there are three that testify: 8 the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three agree. 1 John 5:7-8 (ESV)

Are those verses saying the same thing?

Two say spirit water and blood, which testifies to the things on earth alone. The other speaks of the things in heaven and earth which testify, and has the strongest declaration of the Trinity in the Bible. By cutting that part out, and claiming “…the oldest and best manuscripts do not have these verses”, they have set it up so that every Christ denying cult can still be accepted.

Kind of clever of them, actually.

“Why are they pushing for us to accept Mormonism as Christian?”

Mormons believe in godhood as a promotion. If you’re a good Mormon, you’ll be promoted and become a god, and will get your very own planet to populate!

It’s not too much a stretch to accepting that a man in the near future will claim to be god. And when miracle working men arrive, and tell us we should worship that man, why, Christians will fall all over themselves to bow before his idols. And take his mark.

“Why are they pushing for us to accept word faith teachers?”

That’s old news. The word faith little gods heresies gave very little controversy. Most Christians simply shook their heads at first. We tolerated it. Now we capitulated to it, and accept them as Christian teachers, despite the outright heresies.

Why did they push it? Because it set you up to accept the Mormons, naturally! See the answer above. And now you’re conditioned to expect miracle working men, who claim to be on higher spiritual levels than you.

“Why isn’t anyone exposing Messianic Judaism?”

Because they advocate Salvation by works. If we accept that, we’re ready for the next step, accepting EVERYONE as Christian, whether they are or not!

“Why are they pushing a universal church?”

To acclimate you to the idea that all of the kingdom of Christ is one church. If it’s one church, it has one head. If there’s one pastor, one head, then we’re conditioned to accept the false prophet, who will make us bend the knee to the Antichrist

“Why are they pushing Roman Catholicism?”

To condition you to all religions under one head. To sway you away from the Bible and into paganism. If you’ll pray to a woman and to dead men instead of God, why, you’ll pray to the Antichrist.

“why are they whitewashing the Gospel?”

They’re whitewashing the gospel to make sure as few people get saved Biblically as possible. this way the Antichrist will have a bigger kingdom and army. I’m sure the devil thinks he can win eventually. He’s wrong. At the very least, he’s probably trying to make sure as many humans as possible go with him into Hell forever. Misery loves company.

“how long until the Rapture?”

I don’t know. We’ve been given an amount of time, I don’t know how long. The Lord is not slack concerning His coming. He is coming soon, possibly any moment now. I’d have given you that same answer a few years ago, but now I’m getting convinced we’re almost gone.