What will be coming?

Well, I’ve actually finished the beginnings of most of my major series’. There’s one I haven’t touched, as I’ve stated before, since the Attorney General of the United States has announced that it is the policy of this administration that any criticism of ***** will be dealt with on a federal level, as it is considered a violation of the Hate Speech law. No word on if that includes criticism of Nation of ***** also, or just *****.

Well, technically, that would also include atheists criticizing Christianity, harassing, and etc – as I read the law. But Attorney General Eric Holder has demonstrated a bias against Christianity consistently in violation of the US constitution’s first amendment. But to say this administration has demonstrated absolute and utter contempt for the US constitution would be speaking mildly.

So the only way I can write about it legally would be if some ****** were to come on my blog and attack Christianity. That would then be responding, and not attacking. Until that time, I’m afraid you won’t see me addressing that religion.

So, that leaves only a few religions to deal with, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, and one cult (church of Christ). The last is greatly overdue, thanks to the overwhelming popularity among Christians about the Duck Dynasty TV show. It’s also overdue thanks to some comment spam I had from a Church of Christ member, that lasted about a week.

With the death of Sung Myun Moon, I don’t see any need to address the Moonies. Personality based cults often die off after the death of their founders.

I’ve got a lot more to write about Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Judaism, Messianic Jews, Roman Catholics, etc… but I think from here on I’ll be addressing these subjects in 1 week intervals.

the absolute lack of interest when I was writing about the proofs of Jesus Christ/Answering Judaism showed me that I need to spend some serious time educating about Israel. The two words “Anti-semitism” and “Christian” should be mutually exclusive, and yet I’m seeing VERY strong signs that most of today’s Christianity have absolutely ZERO interest in Jews and Israel.

I’ll be returning to several other topics I addressed in the very beginning that few of you have read about. Back when the blog had only three or four followers, I was writing about Word of Faith and The Rapture, and I’m sure I’lll be returning to those topics – since the enemies of the pre-trib rapture seem to have ZERO interest in reading what I’ve already written on the subject, I’ll probably have to repeat myself. Which is pointless, because they’re only listening for the silence that means I stopped talking, so they can start their rhetoric again.

Which brings up the question – why is it so many people with emotional issues or mental health issues seem to embrace a mid trib or post trib rapture? Or even a no-rapture?

Anyway, next year will see a focus on what some of my readers have termed the “preaching” articles. Fasten your seat belts!


Preparing 4

Okay, this is a hotly contested subject.

The BEST CASE SCENARIO would be a group of 6-8 couples who have agreed to get different things. I mean, not everyone in a group of 16 people needs a compass.

however, I guarantee that if you split it up like this, someone will be assigned to get something, and forget or think someone else has it.

in ALL the survival lists, everyone always says “signal mirror” and “Whistle”.

You’re not trying to be rescued if you’re in the Tribulation, you’re running for your LIFE! A signal mirror or whistle is GREAT… if you’re trying to be caught and beheaded.

What’s the quickest way to begin preparing? 50’s.

“fifty dollars? fifty euros?”

naw. 50’s. fifty pushups a day, fifty situps a day, fifty calf raises a day, fifty leg lifts a day, fifty flutter kicks a day, fifty crunches a day, fify squats a day, fifty burpees or 8 point bodybuilders a day. Start today, doing tens. When you’re good with 10’s, add five. Keep that up till you’re up to 50’s. Survival’s a lot easier when you’re in shape.

Okay, let’s look at the tools…

  • multitool (they’re cheap now, and you don’t have to buy the Les Stroud edition!)
  • knife
  • axe or hatchet
  • flint stick
  • sharpening kit for the knife
  • shovel or hand trowel (see Deut. 23:13!)
  • camp stove or mess kit cooking equipment

What else?

  • clothing
  • tarps (you can build budget tents with them… trust me…)
  • plastic tubs to carry all this stuff in. You want all this prepacked in my opinion, so that you’re good to go! If you have to stop and pack, this means you run a very real risk of having to leave everything behind if you have to leave NOW!!! Tubs, prepacked backpacks, etc.
  • your vehicle from now on should never get less than a half tank of gas.
  • lighters for firemaking
  • toilet paper
  • glowsticks
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer (in bulk – this is handy as a firestarter as well!)
  • comb
  • razor
  • candles
  • empty one- and two-litre bottles, a number of them… they have a number of uses. Keep the caps to all of them!
  • flashlights
  • blankets
  • sleeping bags?
  • can openers (notice the plural…)

Again, EVERYONE puts waterproof matches on their lists – have they tried these things??? Don’t waste the space or the money, just pack extra lighters.

So, out of all the lists you’ll ever see, you’ll always see signal mirrors, whistles, and waterproof matches. Skip the waterproof matches. And if the Antichrist is in power, toss the signal mirror and the whistle in the trash before you hop in the car to make your escape.

Food and water…

You need to plan on doing some hunting, trapping and fishing – or bring seven years worth of food with you. That’s not hard to buy, you just order seven 1-year supplies, preferably from seven different manufacturers! Or 3 doubled up, and an extra one.

It’s bulky. If you had that “optimal group” number that the “experts” talk about (11 to 14 couples), you’d need a couple of 18-wheelers to get all that food in. Your best scenario is one couple per truck, and load the puppy to the brim! I have no idea how massively big this one year’s supply is, but I’m somehow imagining that unless you have a large truck, you’re not getting seven years’ worth in there.

I don’t think it’s realistic. You’d have to disguise it in moving vans. Far better to plan on three years’ food supplies, and be prepared to augment it as much as possible with fishing, hunting and trapping. Every area seems to have a season where there is almost no hunting, because the game hibernates or migrates out of the area. Be prepared to live off supplies then. Rule of thumb – when other food sources are available, eat then.

Water – a one month supply of water is impossibly heavy. Ever try to pick up those jugs of water? Those last perhaps three or four days. Water masses huge amounts of bulk and weight. You’d need a tanker truck to bring in a one year supply of water. Water harvesting will mean the difference between life and death. Especially during the time when water turns to blood.

I’m prepared to go out on a limb here, and state that I think that since the plagues in Egypt did not affect the Jews, I don’t think that the plagues will affect Christians. if not, you’re about to see another reason I told you to bring shovels or trowels (those old US Army shovels are just great….)

19 And the LORD spake unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, Take thy rod, and stretch out thine hand upon the waters of Egypt, upon their streams, upon their rivers, and upon their ponds, and upon all their pools of water, that they may become blood; and that there may be blood throughout all the land of Egypt, both in vessels of wood, and in vessels of stone. 20 And Moses and Aaron did so, as the LORD commanded; and he lifted up the rod, and smote the waters that were in the river, in the sight of Pharaoh, and in the sight of his servants; and all the waters that were in the river were turned to blood. 21 And the fish that was in the river died; and the river stank, and the Egyptians could not drink of the water of the river; and there was blood throughout all the land of Egypt. 22 And the magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments: and Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, neither did he hearken unto them; as the LORD had said. 23 And Pharaoh turned and went into his house, neither did he set his heart to this also. 24 And all the Egyptians digged round about the river for water to drink; for they could not drink of the water of the river. 25 And seven days were fulfilled, after that the LORD had smitten the river. Exodus 7:19-25 (KJV)

Worth remembering because the same guy is going to do exactly the same thing in the Tribulation, two or three times. What did the Egyptians do? They allowed the soil on the banks of the Nile act as a filter. You dig in the bank, making a shallow trench next to the water. After a few seconds you’ll see water seeping in… and the soil has filtered out most pollutants.

Okay, take an empty bottle or three (notice them in the list above???) and start collecting the water. slowly strain the water through a t-shirt into a metal container, and boil the water. If it’s blood, boiling it won’t do any good. Bottom line, unless you have stored up water, you’ll die of thirst before the plague is over with. Since many do survive, I assume that it is purifiable. Or like the plagues of Egypt, they last a week.

Solar stills will be a necessity. There’s a couple of different kinds, the flat on the ground one that picks up morning dew, and the kind you get by tying (or duct taping) 1-litre bottles to tree branches (another reason I stress Montana and the Great White north). Solar stills must be checked regularly (once an hour or so) because for some unexplained reason, they only work up to a certain collection point – after that the water leveling the still stops the water collecting.

The low one is simple, clear plastic sheeting over a cup, and the sheeting has to actually dip down to where the cup is. Easiest way is dig a hole, place the cup in it, place the plastic sheet over it, heavy stones around it to keep it from blowing, and a pebble over the cup to make sure the plastic sheeting is dipped lower there than at the sides. Walk away and leave it. Some advocate placing tree branches on it, I don’t know. Try it both ways. It’s nice to read this stuff at home, but I’d be checking every possible way. If it works, keep doing it. If it stops working, try the other method.

The tree branch method I’ve already described. You just tie or duct tape a 1 liter onto the ends of a tree branch. Walk away. Check it later. If you place ten or so bottles on branches, you’ll harvest very quickly. These methods don’t produce gallons, but its enough to keep you alive. I’d make sure you’re settled in areas with water supplies. I know some are drawn to deserts, but I can’t see long term surviving there in the tribulation. I do see long term dying there.

Okay, more coming in a few days!

Dead Sea Scrolls Reliable

Wow! A must read for all LDS readers. Why do you all carry Bibles around if you don’t trust its reliability? And if you think the Bible’s not reliable, read this quote from the LDS! A must read article.

Life After Ministry

Mormon Decisions 10Ensign, ‘The Lost 500 Years: From Malachi to John the Baptist,’ December 2014; “Most of the scrolls are severely fragmented because of age and exposure to the elements, but scholars have been able to glean a wealth of information about the scribal practices. The scribes’ careful and meticulous work indicates a high level of professionalism and competence as they copied and transmitted sacred texts from one generation to the next. Those of us who love and appreciate the holy scriptures owe a great debt to these scribes for their careful work.

View original post 343 more words

Preparing 3 – on a budget

How to prep on a budget?

Today’s article is aimed more for those who are reading this today…. if the rapture has happened and someone unveils a great new plan for peace in the middle east yesterday, and everyone’s gathering at noon to sign it…. this article no longer applies to you. You have roughly whole 3 months left to prep and get gone. I mean, you can hang out during the world war, but my advice is be gone or be dead. A lot of people die in that war. And once the war starts, famine and pestilence are not far behind. Long before the 5th seal, when you ABSOLUTELY must head for the hills, the odds are good that you’ll die (1 in 4).

when they Sign the peace plan, we get going. That should be your repeated slogan.

Okay, for those of us on pre-rapture times, how do WE get started? Thanks to some truly (and probably intentional) disastrous financial policies in the UK and US, most people don’t have the wherewithal to buy all this stuff. And as the economy gets worse (ever notice it gets better just in time for elections, then tanks again?) its going to get harder.

from informedchristians, we do have some helpful hints.

  • Tip: “Bent and Dent” stores are stores that sell items that have been dinged or bent in larger stores, or are over the suggested expiration date. Usually they are much cheaper. Be cautious – do not buy heavily bent or dented canned items, as it may have opened the seal, especially if on the side seams. Many times, however, you will be able to find canned items that have nary a dent on them, and still within the suggested expiration date.
  • Tip: Use meats (canned or otherwise) as a flavoring, not the main dish. Adding a bit of beef to a main dish of potatoes helps the meat go toward several meals. Cooking with bacon grease can add meat flavor to meals as well. Using the stock water from the canned meats can add flavor to soups, gravies, etc. Learn how to make gravies and sauces from scratch – they add a lot to any meal, and cost very little!
  • Tip: Each week buy 1 extra meal, and store it. Each grocery trip, buy an extra canned item or two.
  • Tip: Many fruits and veggies come in economical large cans (called #10 cans) for families or food service.

That’s Mr. Valles’s hints, which for the most part are very good.

How to buy this stuff? Every Christian should, to a certain extent, be prepared for some disasters… I’ve twice been without power for 3 days thanks to storms that have torn down power lines. And I think about places like Maine which have had ice storms that have shut off power to thousands, while the temperature is in death zones. To be without power in such temperatures can lead to death in a matter of hours if you don’t know what to do.

Let’s first address budget. It’s not too hard to find websites that you can put your income and expenses in. Microsoft Money is now free, and there’s websites that give away old versions of Quicken if you look (search term “Legacy version Quicken”). Put in your income, put in expenses, identify which expenses are not important, cut back. Indeed, this is something every Christian should be doing anyway.

If you just budget $10 to $20 a week for buying survival supplies, you’d be done in a couple of years with buying EVERYTHING. And of course, you have to earmark every January and June to going through your emergency supplies to find what’s going to expire soon… and eat that. You then replace it. It’s not like wasting money on something you don’t need. When disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you have the stuff. I bought a Swiss military mess kit ten years ago off of Ebay, and when we lost power I suddenly had a way to make our food and coffee.

If there’s a wholesale store in your area, that’s your way to stock up on Sterno cans and many other supplies.

Here’s a simple economics lesson most people have never done. If you’re presented with two distinct sizes of an item in the grocery store, always buy the larger. Yes, it costs a little more. divide the weight by the price, and you’ll suddenly see that by buying the smaller can, you’re now paying more per ounce. It’s not just a survival lesson, its an economics lesson. And its even more important now that manufacturer’s are selling less weight in the same size container for more money. That big bag of potato chips from ten years ago? same size packaging, but instead of it feeding everyone at a party, now it’s a snack size. And it costs more. They’ve been doubling your expenses without you noticing.

For stockpiling, Amazon.com is your friend. You can buy entire cache’s of survival food, and some manufacturers already have them prepacked in plastic tubs. What’s great about that? It’s a “hurry, grab it and GO!!!!” assist. You can purchase up to an entire year’s supply of food. I can’t remember the brand name, but one of the premier suppliers is actually Marie Osmond (since all Mormons are supposed to have a one-year supply of food on hand).

I personally wouldn’t rely on any one manufacturer, I’d purchase blocks from each one. reviews have claimed that some of them have an aftertaste that’s not pleasant (hint – consider stockpiling garlic powder, onion powder and pepper from wholesale stores). I’d also recommend Tabasco sauce in quantity, as well as Cayenne pepper – it helps purge cholesterol from your body, and if you get into a flood-fire-volcanic eruption scenario (don’t laugh – more than one people group have been surprised to find that the mountain up the road is actually a volcano… and Japan had quite the surprise when they got a new Island over a weekend this year…), you’ll be eating a lot of pre-packaged foods which tend to be a little unhealthy. Drink lots of water, and learn to use Cayenne pepper to season with (SPARINGLY!!!!).

If you’re reading this several years from now when the Rapture has happened, no worries – the tribulation is only 7 years, and if you survive to the end (or not), then you won’t be worried about heart disease!

Okay, what do you buy? Lets look at that tomorrow.

SermonAudio.com | President Obama’s Christian Faith ‘Has Deepened’ in Second Term?

SermonAudio.com | President Obama’s Christian Faith ‘Has Deepened’ in Second Term?.

If by Christian he meant “******”, then yes, I’m sure it has! Who are his two closest spiritual advisers, and what mosque do they attend, I wonder?

Preparing 2

The Bug out Bag!

Entire web sites and blogs have been written about the bug out bag, or BOB for short. I’ve even seen the BOB in a breath-mint can, which seems to me to be horribly inadequate. “we’re sending you off to live in the forest… everything you need is in this can!”

Now if it were a science fiction movie, where a shelter stocked with supplies magically rises out of the can, sure. But human beings have this annoying habit of needing to stay dry, climate between 68-70 degrees, and need to eat and drink. Oh, and for some reason the thought of lying on a cold, hard rock every night just makes you hurt.

Now, me, I’d love to try gathering all these supplies and going off for a week to try this out, and writing of the success and failure of the various methods and tools… but all this is expensive.

When you start reading of what’s needed in a BOB, the fact becomes readily apparent… you almost need a party of eight with different packs to carry every tool you all will need.

Like – you’re going to need a knife and probably an axe or hatchet. well, their usefulness in a 7 year survival situation is pretty much limited to while the blades are sharp. I remember when I was a kid, my dad bought a hatchet for the family, to take care of tree limbs. We never sharpened it. So from the time I was 9 until we got rid of the house in my 20’s, the hatchet was useless, because I’d used it to chop down a tree my parents wanted removed (now I don’t remember why!).

So you’ve got to have a sharpening stone.

Now, here’s a maxim used by many of the survivalists… “two is one, one is none”. I remember hearing a story about a man lost in the Amazon jungle, who took shelter one night, and got up the next day, walking over three miles before he realized he’d left his machete behind. Okay, that’s just about a death sentence in the Amazon. Now, if he’d had two, the decision whether to keep going or not is quickly reduced to, “yes, I can keep going.”

You lose things. You break things. That’s why you need extras.

So, the concept of “everything you need to survive can be carried in an Altoids can!” is a brutal lie. Any grizzled backwoodsman that tries to tell you that, ask where they’re carrying their alcohol, because they must be drinking if they really believe that. How much stuff do you have in your house? It takes a lot of stuff to survive! Do nomadic tribesmen in the desert carry an Altoids can, or a large bundle they repack and strap to their camels? I’d suggest that you look at some pictures of desert nomads and their camels. That’s a pretty bulky pack they strap on…

The philosophy behind the BOB is, “if I had only seconds to grab a pack and run, what would I need to survive?” Of course, it’s better to assume you’re finding this online days after the Antichrist assumes control, and you’re convinced you need to run to Montana, Idaho, or possibly even the Great White North (“It’s a beauty, way to go…”)

So, what do you pack? Here’s a bare minimum list I found on Wikipedia…

  1. Reliable compass
  2. 30 ft coil of parachute cord
  3. lighters
  4. “Trail” or “Backpacker” first aid kit
  5. Rain poncho
  6. Large Plastic Bag
  7. Signal mirror
  8. Loud whistle
  9. Flint and Steel Kit with attached Magnesium block
  10. Reliable, sharp folding pocket knife
  11. A two-person or 3 single-person Mylar emergency blankets (space blankets)
  12. Water bottle
  13. Water purification tablets
  14. Tinder kit of fine wood shavings, dryer lint, or fuel soaked tinder
  15. Pack additional items as you see fit. Here are some suggestions:
  16. Glowstick
  17. Candle
  18. A small pot
  19. Tin foil
  20. A bandanna
  21. A small fishing kit. In the fishing kit you should have 3-5 small hooks, 5 split shot weights and 20ft of line.
  22. Small backpacking stove and can of fuel
  23. Wire
  24. Duct tape
  25. Bug Spray
  26. Sunscreen
  27. Lip Balm

Food items to include:

  1. Protein Bars
  2. Tea – many herbal teas have useful effects in a survival situation
  3. Gum

Can you keep all this in an altoids can? Some things to me sound like luxury, like lip balm. I’ve also got some issues with the “folding pocket knife” – far better to get a larger knife that fits in a sheath. Personally, I think the signal mirror and loud whistle isn’t going to do much good in this case either. Many BOB lists contain items to help you get FOUND. We are trying NOT to be FOUND. FOUND means death in the Tribulation. The first question after the seven seals is going to be, “Where’s your mark?” When it’s discovered you won’t have one, the answer will be death.

“candle” is not going to last you long. Figure a week… that’s great, Just 6 years and 51 weeks left to sit in the dark.

Many BOB kits list “waterproof matches”. You know what? Most waterproof matches are not waterproof. They mean “Waterproof” until you open the shrink-wrapped plastic package. In other words, they’re regular matches. You can easily pack 50 or so disposable lighters in the place of a box of matches that absolutely will not light in an emergency.

Bandanna. Should you carry it? Yup… the first person in your group that gets a traumatic injury will thank you. That and a twig will make for a lifesaving bandage.

I’d also ditch the gum, myself. I guess I have a strong gag reflex, and something being in my mouth for long periods of time makes me retch. Once the sugary flavor starts disappearing, I have an urgent need to spit gum out of my mouth. But if you’re a gum chewer, and figure you can waste the money, weight and space… by all means! A pack of gum lasts me perhaps half an hour.

Now, keep in mind, the above is a BASIC list. I probably could add a thousand things to it.

One survivalist blog I’ve seen, the owner of it spent some time modifying his extra truck – it literally is a BOB/Shelter for two people. I hate to say it, but that’s almost the mndset you should have.

Again, I don’t know how long it will be between the Antichrist and the second seal , which is war. I’m assuming an average of three months per judgment. That means you have an estimated 90 days (could be more or less – start from emergency needs and move to lesser needs).

When to run? I don’t know. It depends on:

  • if the area you live in is hostile to the Antichrist – I’d run before warfare breaks out.
  • when you find this
  • your personal situation
  • politics
  • if there is an Agenda 21 process in place to reduce population (that’s a fancy phrase for “kill you”).

You have ot make the call. during the Tribulation, the decision to run is never a bad one, just deciding if you have enough time to stockpile and obtain enough supplies before you have to run!

Preparing 1

I want to emphasize that I am a firm believer in the pre-trib rapture. There’s no getting around that, and in case you are unconvinced about that, let me assure you, I’ve got an entire series on it that STILL draws complaints from people unwilling to read it but more than willing to try to tell me I’m wrong.

I’ll just say one of my masters’ thesis’ is on this very subject – Academia considers you to be a subject matter expert on the area you do your thesis on. I may go so far as to make the thesis available for download for anyone interested, but that’s at least a year from now!

As I said yesterday, my purpose is to help those of us who want to leave cache’s of supplies for those who WILL be left behind, and to help those who are left behind. Just a note – if you’re about three years into the tribulation, it’s going to be almost impossible to start preparing.

My notes are not really for preppers, but hey, if you’re so inclined, that’s fine. I think the prepping craze is good, as thousands are prepping for their own survival in the tribulation – and since it seems like a large percentage of preppers seem to claim Christianity as their faith, hey… I’m glad you’re going to be helping out all those people who will find your supplies!

where to start?

I’d start with a little here, a little there. It’s like the experts say – when in a survival situation, you have to immediately assess your situation – you have no shelter, food or fire.

I’m sure all the survival junkies will argue with me on this point, but survival boils down to a major issue – temperature regulation. The human body must maintain its natural temperature. If you are exposed to cold, your body temperature drops, and you die. Or exposed to heat, your body temperature rises, and you die.

so shelter is dictated by your environment. A shelter is a basic necessity. You can build them, but trust me – much of the needs of those in the tribulation will be based on this pyramid:

  • go to where people are not
  • stay hidden
  • stay safe
  • build concealed shelter
  • build method of heating or cooling that shelter
  • keep dry
  • have more than one
  • get food
  • get water
  • build fire
  • gather fuel for fire

So, food and water are almost lower on the list of supplies than evasion and shelter for them!


Evasion is basically getting away from areas where people are. Some Jews in WWII were able to survive in the midst of cities where they lived – by finding Christians who were willing to risk their lives to hide them.

Sadly, in the Tribulation, it’s going to be nearly impossible to find anyone to hide us. The Jews would GLADLY return the favor… but they’re going to be equally persecuted and hunted if I’m reading the Bible right.

The Antichrist is hunting for believers in the God of the Bible. That’s Christians and Jews. So getting out of Dodge will be a priority. Because at some point, unless the Antichrist is an absolute idiot (I think I can successfully make a case for that… one of you please tell him after the Rapture I said that! He can take it up with me on the plains of Jezreel 7 years after he assumes power…)… the Antichrist’s troops are going to do house to house searches for people who have not taken the mark.

When? I dunno. Personally, I’d be somewhere cutting down trees in a place where almost no people live before the Second Seal is opened. That’s warfare on a massive level. People don’t drop nuclear bombs where nobody is… it’s expensive and stupid! And troops rarely go through those areas.

Where? I’d head north personally. There are many states in the US where nobody lives. for starters, Maine has HUGE areas where there’s trees, moose, squirrels (“Kill moose and squirrel!”), rabbits, etc… and no people. Don’t believe me? I’ve driven through those areas, and I can tell you.

Here’s a list of 19 western states from the website survivalblog.com

  1. Idaho
  2. Montana
  3. Oregon
  4. Washington
  5. Wyoming
  6. Utah
  7. South Dakota
  8. North Dakota
  9. Arizona
  10. Colorado
  11. Nebraska
  12. Kansas
  13. Texas
  14. Nevada
  15. New Mexico
  16. Arkansas
  17. Oklahoma
  18. Louisiana
  19. California

I’ve read all kinds of opinions about Alaska… but essentially, if I were living in Alaska, unless you’re ready to fly massive amounts of supplies into wherever your camp is…I’d head south. It’s in the same category as an offshore Island. Yes, there’s a lot of game in Alaska. But unless you’re mentally prepared for subsistence living, that’s a rough place. And I dare say, part way through the Tribulation, the state will probably become abandoned.

Except for Christians hiding out.

Me personally, I’d consider moving up to Canada. Most of the population of Canada lives in the south of Canada, and there’s VAST areas north where nobody lives. Eventually, there comes a point so far north into Canada where food is scarce, and at one point, even trees stop growing. Once you find your settlement area, do not be afraid to leave it. You may set up permanent digs in a spot, and find that… well… there’s little food. Little food means starvation, a slow death.

Starvation is not a good thing.

Coming up tomorrow – bug out bags, and why that’s not enough for 7 years of survival!