Faith is a ‘virus’, columnist claims | News | The Christian Institute

Faith is a ‘virus’, columnist claims | News | The Christian Institute.

I followed the link to read this from SermonAudio.

It’s an interesting read. Why? Because it specifically shows that some Atheists have opened fire on Christianity.

No surprise there, as many of them have been on the attack against Christianity for hundreds of years. However, the attack is getting stronger, in that some Atheists have been calling for legal action in several countries.

In other words, they’re trying to legislate Christianity out of existence. Through lawsuit, intimidation, and of course – passing laws that in effect force Christians into activities they find objectionable, or simply making it illegal to be a Christian.

I find it somewhat difficult to understand how any group of people can fight so hard to destroy a religion, but claim they’re the endangered minority. We’re not trying to pass any laws, we’re not filing lawsuits against your beliefs. We just want the open chance to share our faith with you, let you make an intelligent, informed decision – but YOU must make that decision, and abide by its consequences forever.

To my Christian brethren, it is very simple – we’re in danger. Get active, or you will have nobody else to blame but ourselves for doing nothing.


Author: philipdean2013

Seminary graduate with a Ba. in Theology/Pastoral Studies, Happily married, Independent Baptist. I can't keep silent about what I see going on in Christianity any longer! Apostasy reigns around us, churches are sliding into worldiness, a whitewashed Gospel is preached everywhere... "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Jeremiah 6:16 (KJV) So, I'm speaking out. ...Why aren't you???

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  1. I tend to assume that people are basically decent and honest, so I will try to show you another view on that topic, if I may…

    No, the overwhelming majority of atheists doesn’t want to outlaw Christianity (as the overwhelming majority of Christians doesn’t want to force their religion onto everyone else).

    The problem is, that you are wrong: “We’re not trying to pass any laws, we’re not filing lawsuits against your beliefs.” Of course Christians are. And that is the problem. Christians are trying constantly to force their beliefs into law, into school, etc. And when Christian privileges are taken away, the big “Christian persecution” flag gets swung around. Christians are the ones who try to make discrimination of gay people legal, Christians are the ones who want to put up big signs of their religion into public space.

    If Christians were simply following their own religion privately and in their churches, most atheists really wouldn’t care and we wouldn’t have this discussion. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

    “We just want the open chance to share our faith with you” – and most of us want to be left alone. Or do you want to hear how wrong your faith is all the time? It get’s tedious, trust me.

    “we’re in danger. Get active”

    Yes, you are. But you brought it upon yourself. So the best way to stop being in danger is actually being a decent person and stop trying to force your beliefs onto others. Live and let live.


    1. well of course i’m gonna disagree with you on a couple of points. You’re right many Atheists do not want to outlaw Christianity.
      But a great many do. There’s a lot of quotes, and you know them pretty well, so I won’t recover any ground.
      I’m not going to get into the homosexual rights issue – I’ve got my beliefs, you’ve got yours. I’m not sure how my stand that the Bible says a behaviour is sinful is persecution, because I also believe idolatry is sinful, as is adultery, murder and theft.
      Nobody has issues with my saying theft is a sin!
      Billboards and signs – I’ll just say that there’s been billboards on both sides, and Atheists are as guilty as Christians on that. I’ve got a further point on that below, so hold that thought please!

      So let’s get into the main point. I appreciate the fact you’ve always been quick to the point, and very honest and direct. So, I’ll be the same.
      My beliefs say that unless you accept Jesus Christ, you’ll spend eternity in Hell.
      Hell is horrific. The thought of anyone spending FOREVER in there is horrific. You, allalt, and the formerChristian guy are… well, really nice people. And I like that you have the courage of your convictions and are willing to take a stand for your beliefs.

      I don’t want to see you suffer that fate. So that’s why I share my beliefs. If you saw people driving across a bridge that was out and plunging to their deaths, you’d warn them. You’d put up signs… “Bridge out! STOP!!!” You’d wave at people and try to get them to stop.
      I’d do the same.
      I cannot stop warning. I will not stop warning. If I come to you personally, and you say, “Thanks, but I’m not interested…” I’ll leave you alone. i’ll pray for you, but I’ll never speak to you about it again!

      Now, as always, I’ll say that you have every right to reject what I say, and I’ll defend that. I do not attempt to legislate your right away. Baptists strongly believe in Soul liberty, your right to reject the message of salvation. While some false religions attempt to force state religions and mandatory church attendance, real Christianity never has. I can’t answer for Lutherans, Roman catholics, etc… I can only answer for Baptists. We didn’t do that. There was a group of heretics that claimed to be baptists that overtook Muenster for a year, but it was obvious from their beliefs they were not baptists. It’s an article of our faith that no person can be coerced into salvation.

      So, real Biblical Christianity does not legislate their faith into law. We ask for safeguards legally, to prevent people taking our rights from us – which IS happening VERY rapidly worldwide.

      By putting up a billboard, I am not forcing my opinion on you. If I ask if I can share the gospel with you, all you have to say is no. You can put up your own sings, and you can have your own blog on your beliefs (and actually, I kind of like your sense of humor), and i’ll say you have every right to that.

      But this article is showing a change. Atheists used to be a defensive position. now its an offensive position. A strong and vocal group are trying literally to outlaw Christianity. And that IS Christian persecution.

      Christian professors at Universities are losing their jobs over their beliefs. That’s dangerous. Christians are denied raises, tenure, the right to publish articles in scholarly magazines… based upon their faith. That IS persecution.
      Christians are losing their jobs based upon their faith, not just at Universities, but front counter help. They are being fired from their bank jobs, forced to bake wedding cakes and attend “re-education”. how is that not persecution?
      And here’s the point – in your lifetime, you will see Christians jailed for believing in the bible. And you are already seeing it, right now. You’re seeing Christians put to death for their faith. Just because they believe.

      It’s real. And you’ll see it with your own eyes, in your own country.

      So, there you go. Good to see you’re still keeping an eye on me!


      1. A great many Christians also want to outlaw atheism, not to mention Islam, Women Rights, etc.etc. So let’s not talk about those, too and call it even, we all have our extremists and we all don’t have to listen to them or let them speak for us.

        If I write a book and put into there, that being Christian is sinful and should be punished by stoning – would you simply accept that? Do you really think your brethren would? Of course not, there would be a huge outrage and people would want me arrested for spreading a message of violence. But of course, personally, I don’t even mind your opinion – you can have it, as long as you understand that it will lead to me thinking that you are not a good person (no discussion about the basics of morality and goodness here, please, different topic and while interesting would lead a little bit far away). As long as you don’t try to put your religious beliefs into law, I won’t try to stop you from voicing your opinion – perhaps I’ll voice mine, too, but nothing else. Of course, as soon as you try to make your personal religious beliefs a law, you become a religious dictator and sorry, we will not accept that. But of course, if you would want that, you wouldn’t be any better than these guys who demand Sharia law.

        I accept that you believe in hell, but I don’t. So for me, your concern is noted, but as serious as someone who thinks that I risk that Santa will put coal into my sock instead of candy. It obviously causes you more grief than me (simply because it causes me none at all).

        I think, as long as you accept a polite “Sorry, not interested”, everything is fine. Same thing here, we could be friends, hang out every day and if you made it clear that you don’t want to discuss religion, I would (try to) stop pointing out my objections to yours. And of course you are allowed to pray, but for me, it will be for your sake, not for mine. You want to feel better about it – I don’t need to, because I don’t feel bad about it. What I do feel bad about it, is, that religion somehow manages to create a really evil, horrible concept like hell and somehow attribute it to a loving god, spending 2.000 years to justify it through convoluted arguments when it’s pretty obvious that something there simply doesn’t fit.

        While there ARE atheists who would like to outlaw religions, most atheists I know are strong defenders of freedom of religion (and freedom from religion). I would defend your right to chose any religion you want – as long as you don’t try to force your religious beliefs onto others. You may think that homosexuality is a sin, but outlawing that on that grounds is simply wrong. We are not living in a theocracy, you have no choice but to accept that other people feel differently. Anyway, nobody is forcing you to marry someone of your own gender, don’t worry 😉

        And be careful with the persecution myth. In many cases I heard, people got into problems, it was something like wanting special privileges for themselves, for example wearing a cross when nobody was permitted any jewelery (my ex is a paramedic, for example, they are not allowed to wear jewelery, because it would be to dangerous, patients could grab it, etc. – so a Christian refusing to take of his cross would perhaps be fired – but not, because he’s a Christian, but because he refuses to play by the same rules as everyone else).
        Teacher also have some specific rules, simply because they are not only private citizens, but are entrusted with teaching children, etc. – if you abuse this position to proselytize, etc. they, of course, risk losing their jobs.
        So, while there probably are some unfair cases, there are many, many, many more where the situation is not as simple as “persecuted because of his/her religion”.

        As we don’t have death sentences, it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll see Christians being sentenced to death. Most countries with the death sentences are highly religious, btw. And the countries in which you see Christians risking death for being Christians are mostly… religious themselves. Most victims of religious persecution are victims of religion, unfortunately. So, while some Christians might be jailed when their belief conflicts with the law (for example, if you attacked an abortion clinic worker because you think god commands you – you are just a criminal and not a persecuted Christian, sorry), but not for being Christian itself.


      2. well, by Christian persecution, I’m talking about a professor who was fired for discovering soft flesh on a supposed 60 million year old fossil. When he published the finding, the University told him, “we don’t need your religion.”

        Christians are being fired for things like saying, “have a blessed day.” I suppose you could say they earned that. I think a simple, “can you say ‘have a good week’ or ‘thank you for coming’?” would be far more appropriate than “you’re fired.”

        In Korea, Christians are being executed by steamroller. That’s pretty drastic, I think. China vacillates between arresting Christians for the crime of being christian, and then supporting them! Nobody’s more confused than Chinese Christians, I suppose. “are we okay today?” “I don’t know!”

        So, socialist and communist countries eventually persecute and execute Christians.

        Again, i’m going to differentiate between real Christians, and others. I don’t know any who would outlaw Atheism. The Roman church did, but I think I’ve made an effective case on this blog that they’re not Christians, and need to be saved as well!

        The United States constitution was based partly upon principles encountered in the Danbury, CT. Baptist church, which Thomas Jefferson had experienced. He was not a Baptist, but admired their beliefs of Soul Liberty and separation of church and state. He was influenced as well by Roger Williams, also a Baptist, who founded the city of Providence upon the Baptist principle of Soul Liberty. He welcomed Theists, Quakers, Atheists, and just about everyone to his new town.

        So, it’s something taught to Baptists at an early age – people have the right to reject the Gospel if they choose. I’ve got a lot of writings on Hell, and the concept that Hell was not intended for humans – but if they reject the free offer of salvation, they choose that path themselves.

        Good to see you’re still around!


      3. First of all, it would be nice if you could provide a little bit more than just some vague mentioning of someone who allegedly got fired because he was a Christian, because then we could discuss the case itself without me having to google for half an hour. Would you be so kind? Thank you.

        Anyway, there are dozens of atheists being thrown out of Christian Colleges, etc. just for being or becoming atheists. Yes, that’s not good, but crying about “atheist persecution” would be a little bit much. Yes, these cases shouldn’t have happened (and I am quite sure, that some people really have been fire for over extreme political correctness – Christian or otherwise – but sorry, that’s a general problem, not a specifically religious one), but that doesn’t mean that there is widespread persecution. While one case of unfair dismissal is one case too much, that happens to almost all groups – let’s face it, in some countries Churches are allowed to fire their cleaning lady if she got divorced (but will not fire the priest who… well, you know where this is going, don’t you?).
        And let’s not forget that some Christians in the US work actively to help countries like Uganda to outlaw homosexuals, persecute them, jail them, kill them. If you ask me, this people are monsters themselves who couldn’t be more guilty if they pulled the trigger themselves.

        In Korea, pretty much everyone who isn’t the big boss is, sorry to use that word, ******d. Same in China, persecution is the word of the day there, not only Christians but also many, many other people. That’s not really a religious problem (or an atheist one) but simply a sign that the state of China is not a demoncractic or free one. I wouldn’t dream on defending North Korea or China just because they don’t mind atheism. These guys may also be atheists, but what they are doing is not done because of that, but just because they are tyrants. Many people die there and the sooner it stops, the better.

        Why is it, that every Christian I met seems to be a “true” Christian – while all the other people are not? Somehow, there seems to be a slight problem to determine who is a true Christian… ok, well, the typical answer is “Well, me of course”, but somehow that doesn’t solve the problem. If I were you, I would take that as a sign that my confidence is a little bit unfounded, but, well, your choice. Personally, if you ask me, I don’t believe in Christianity. It doesn’t exist. There is a myriad of different religions all using the same term but believing wildly different things. Using the term “Christianity” is probably also just a political ploy to appear like a huge majority when in truth they couldn’t agree on the date if they all used the same calendar.

        Personally, I never claimed that Christians didn’t have (and still have) great thinkers defending human freedom. My problem is not with those. My problem are the other ones.


      4. Expelled
        There’s a whole video on scientists fired for questioning evolution.
        Christians upset as government tears down crossses
        Ohio State core class teaches Christians are dumber than atheists
        Creationist Scientist Sues University for Terminating Him
        IRS faces new grilling over targeting churches
        UPenn Professor: accreditation of religious schools a ‘scandal’
        Sudan bans the construction of new churches
        CBS airs violently anti-Christian song
        Baker appeals government re-education order
        that’s just a few days from SermonAudio’s newsfeeds. I see this stuff every day popping up. Don’t worry, i’m not going to ask you to answer any of these. You’ve got your own life, and your own blog! You just wanted a for instance, here’s a few. And those are just the ones making the news.

        As for false Christianity, buddy, you’ve seen my blog posts since last winter! You’ve got to admit that I’ve made a good case that not veryone who names the name of Christ. And I’m sure you’ve noticed the name of this blog? Narrow is the way, and few there are that find it.
        So, that’s why the “true Christian” argument surfaces a lot – we have a LOT of denominations that teach things contrary to the Bible, and thus cannot be considered Christian. It’s not the “no true scotsman” argument revisited. Half of my work is involved in battling the claims of those who claim to be Christians and are not.

        Atheists being thrown out of Christian colleges… I see you’ve been reading my blog! But that’s an issue of integrity. I would not apply for membership in the Secular Humanist society, claiming I was one when I’m not. Christians ask for a few simple things, and you’re the kind of guy that agrees, “Okay, that’s fair…” WE want Christian schools and colleges, where we can safely study without pollution from the world and agendas. What it is is that they lied to get their jobs. That’s a lack of integrity. Now, they need to look for employment somewhere else. They violated the terms of their employment. They should have done it years ago, but they didn’t.

        What it is is that we’re agreed on basic rights and freedoms for all. I would be the first to protest if any so-called “christian” regime arose, trying to enforce Christian doctrine upon anyone. The Gospel is a free gift, and cannot be coerced. It doesn’t work that way.

        I limit myself to philosophical and doctrinal arguments. If I can’t convince you, then you alone bear the responsibility for your choices. All I can do is encourage you to make the right choice.


      5. First of all, I would be careful using Armitage as a proof because of two details:

        a) The school claims that his appointment was temporary anyway, there was a lack of funding and his Christianity had nothing to do with this. If this is true or not, a judge will have to decide. It would be dangerous to play the Christian persecution card only to find out later that you didn’t have something to support it.

        b) In this case, Mark Armitage was allegedly trying to convince his students of YEC, using his finding as “proof”. While I would consider being fired for arguing about that topic with fellow scientists being wrong, students are not the best target group for such discussion. They are here to learn and simply don’t have the expertise to decide such question – which is why actual science is taught and not YEC or something like that.

        Perhaps we should mention that the “government” in your first link is the chinese government? I think we can agree that these guys have much, much, much worse flaws than just the tendency to remove crosses.

        Concerning the 2nd link, technically, there HAS been a statistically significant correlation between religious feeling and IQ. Enough studies have shown that, especially for US protestants. Of course, correlation does nit imply causation – and IQ does not equal “intelligence”.

        As churches are tax free, even taking that status away would only be a removal of privileges, not a persecution. My football club isn”t tax free, so why is your church? Anyway, free speech HAS it’s limits, but we can agree that the IRC is probably not the agency you want to control abuse of that right.

        Don’t quite get what you have against the UPenn Guy. Doesn’t want to close religious school, he just asks if they should be accredited, a valid question, as this should be defined by some fair standard – and if you don’t fulfill it, you can still teach your stuff but should not expect to be recognized for it. If I teach my children that the world was created by the great vulcano god, then that’s nice – I just shouldn’t expect anyone to take the PhD titles seriously I give them 😉

        Sudan is neither a free nor a western country, so what are we talking about? Atheists even face the same dangers there.

        The CBS stuff… Weren’t you the one who quoted the posting where the argument was, that free speech of churches may not be restricted by the IRC? Where has the free speech of that artist gone? You cannot keep the cake and eat it at the same time.

        Personally, I’m not sure about the whole discrimination stuff. On the one hand, I tend to agree that people should be allowed to make contracts with whom they wand (or not). But on the other hand, discrimination isn’t right, sorry. Two aspects are at odds here – and in the end, I tend to consider the right to discriminate as less important than the right not to be discriminated: You don’t have to marry a man, but you may not discriminate against those, who do. Otherwise we’ll be back in the good old times where there were places black people were not allowed to got – just now with a religious reason behind it. Sorry, not ok.

        Oh, and no, I wasn’t talking about lying professors (false pretext and all that) but professors – AND students – who lost their faith (but didn’t trys to convince anyone or something like that) or even just intended to try out atheism for a year (would have been a great chance for Christianity to prove it’s confidence in itself – well, botched that, obviously). So, it happens on both sides…


  2. Ah, seems the above commenter wants the Christians to get in the closet. Ironic yes since your biggest complaint is about homosexuality and signs. What did that sign ever do to you anyway? Does it burn to look at it? Do you equally get offended when someone wears a t-shirt in a family oriented place that says in big bold letters “F8*K You!”?? Do you DO anything about your offense if you are in fact offended or do you just chalk it up to free speech.
    “If Christians were simply following their own religion privately and in their churches, most atheists really wouldn’t care and we wouldn’t have this discussion. ” Yes, you’d still find some other reason to have this discussion because as much as you don’t want to admit it, and you honestly may not even realize it, you want us gone. gone gone gone. And it isn’t even about us, it’s about what we contain, that is, the Holy Spirit. He sees you and knows your ways, and wants you to be with Him so much it hurts. But you deny deny deny, and keep on trucking on your own.
    And finally, stop judging my judging, stop being intolerant of my intolerance. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, we will not bow to your god nor will we stop preaching the truth of Jesus. We will not go away until we are taken away, and then more will come into our footsteps and take over the spreading of His truth, His path of salvation. Join us, turn away from the dark side and come to Jesus and live.


    1. I think that Atomic is a pretty forthright guy, and he puts forth his beliefs succinctly. I may disagree with him, but he’s a nice guy. I’m not going to paint him with the same brush that other Atheists are painted with. He and I have our disagreements. But he does say we have the right to our beliefs.
      The article is talking about the intolerance others show, and i think that’s what’s got you upset.
      Not all atheists are alike. not all have the same agenda. A lot of them do, but not all of them.
      In my comment to him, I explain the difference between his position (defensive) and those of the gentleman in the article (offensive). Atomic has the right to choose if he will accept the Gospel.

      Where you and I get defensive is when someone takes the offensive position, and attempts to fight Christianity.
      The point I’d like others to see is your statement… ” He sees you and knows your ways, and wants you to be with Him so much it hurts.”

      Well said.


      1. Thanks for the insight regarding those on the offensive vs. those who aren’t. You rightly say a lot of atheist have the same agenda. My answer is this, should we go to battle against those who wish to kill us without our guns at the ready? Maybe I jumped the gun on this one, and if so I truly apologize. However I keep my armor on and my guns ready. Thanks for the rebuke, it is well taken.


      2. If you ask me, most atheists couldn’t agree on what to wear if the choice was between jeans and poison ivy, much less having the same agenda, but your mileage may vary, of course…


    2. First of all, no, you can totally come out of the closet. As I already said, if the worst problem would be that Christians show signs… Wow, that would would really great. Then I could concentrate on totally different stuff (still have a whole pile of books about ethics and morality to read, for example 😉 ). I wouldn’t even want to forbid people like the WBC to voice their opinion. What these guys do is not nice, but not being offended isn’t a basic human right and shouldn’t be, if you ask me. Of course, nobody should be surprised when people think badly when you do something like that – and will respond equally. If you want to foster communication and try to convince people, that way isn’t a good one, anyway. It’s more the loud, obnoxious way.

      ( Honestly, I think the thing with the atheist billboards is not to convince active Christians to stop believing, but to show atheists who haven’t come out of the closet, because they are afraid of their christian (or otherwise) brethren’s reactions, that they are not alone. So, doing the same for Christianity is quite pointless, but if you want to spend the money, I really don’t care.
      With that said, I hope we can agree that you can tell your opinion and I can tell mine, which unfortunately includes that some Christian’s opinion and message is seriously messed up and shouldn’t be shared by decent people. )

      But of course, we shouldn’t forget that Christian do more than simply voice their opinion. And this is where it starts to be wrong – for me. You can voice your opinion anytime (ok, if you started to harass people individually, I would say that’s not ok, but just stating your opinion in public is fine), but as soon as you try to force your religion into law onto the single basis that your religion says it, I would fight to stop you (but we are talking about legal fights in court, etc. here, don’t worry). The law should not be abused to force your religious views onto others. You think being as gay as god made you is sinful, that’s ok. Nobody is forcing you to marry someone of your own gender. Don’t do it. Fine. But if the only thing that you have to say about it is, that it’s sinful, then sorry, your opinion has no place in the law. Otherwise we would end in a dictatorship of the majority, where it’s “ok” if the majority oppresses any minority. And, as Christians tell me, that’s totally not ok (at least, if the local minority in question is Christianity and the majority is, for example, Islam).

      And please, face it: I don’t believe in the holy spirit. That’s your personal faith. You could claim that you have a dozen angels living inside yourself and nothing would change for me. The only way I want you gone is when you wake me up on a weekend and try to sell me Jesus like a used vacuum cleaner salesman at my door. Then, yes, I want you gone, gone, gone (from my door). But you are free to annoy my neighbor (because he totally deserves to suffer for the loud music he plays until long after midnight… Just kidding, my neighbor is actually quite nice).
      Which, btw, does not mean that I don’t want to convince people that religion is wrong and has some serious problems – but I would never dream of forcing my view onto anyone. Arguing about religion is fine, forbidding religion is really not. Same as with the other way round, trying to tell me that I am a bad sinner, etc. is fine (albeit not a good way of convincing me, honestly, but keep on trying, it’s quite amusing sometimes), trying to force me to do what you want isn’t.

      So, if you feel better, please go on believing that everyone wants you dead or re-educated or whatever makes you feel better about yourself. But the sad reality is, that you are simply not important to me. You are just some guy (or girl). I really don’t care what you believe, what religion you have or what magical underwear you chose to cloth yourself in (or not). I would fight (not just the legal one) for the freedom of religion, because I think this right is important (even if it’s the right of being wrong, in my opinion, but that doesn’t entitle me to take that right away).

      And stop being intolerant of my intolerance of bring intolerant. 😉 Sorry, you are free to voice your opinion that gay people are sinful, etc. – in fact, every time a Christian spreads a stupid, hateful message like this, he fights my fight, he shows the negative aspects of his religion for me, without me having to do anything. The only people who want to hear that stuff are hardcore members of your religion anyway – many less hardcore members are appalled by it and driven away. Well, do continue.

      In the end, as a society, we have various rights that sometimes clash. But in these cases, we have to balance them against each other. That’s what happens all the time and that’s how it should go. In the end, we have to find the least invasive solution for everyone. For example, the freedom of speech can be considered abused if you justify stalking people with it and make their life hell. On the other hand, protesting on a public square would be totally fine and shouldn’t be limited because some people don’t share your opinion. Not easy and sometimes you are the one who loses some degree of freedom so that the rights of another person don’t get unduly violated. But when living in a society we don’t always get 100% of what we want, because a society consists of people – and most of them are different from us, so we must find a way to get along and everyone insisting on his or her complete rights while ignoring the rights of others is probably not a good way of doing that.


      1. I’m telling you, you’re probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met!

        Let me deal with the CBS thing first – you wanted some examples of intolerance, persecution, etc. I gave you some, with nary a comment or endorsement! Yes, she has the right to freedom of speech. So do I. I shall attempt to get booked on TV so that I can sing a song about getting saved and there’s no hope without Jesus Christ.

        Your neighbor… I think I know him…

        Not sure what you mean about the “i can come out of the closet.” I’m not gay, and I’m openly a Christian. I think I put my name on my blog… yup!

        Again, I was simply listing several links to news stories on SermonAudio. They put up news articles every day. At least two of them have to do with Christian persecution a day. It doesn’t matter where Christians are persecuted… it spreads daily. First Russia, then China, then Korea, then London, then New York… it reminds me of my relatives 60 years ago who thought they’d be fine moving to Austria. They very quickly ran out of places to run to. And i’m telling you, you’re going to see it in Western countries in your own lifetime.

        You’re reading too much into my opposition of sinful behaviour. I’m opposed to theft, adultery, blasphemy and murder as well. Anyone who runs around screaming “I’m a blasphemer! Congratulate me!” Is going to get my dissaproval for sinful behaviour. I’m not going to congratulate them for sinful behaviour. Odd that you’re making an issue out of that one issue – I haven’t.

        I’m very tolerant of your… wait, that’s too many tolerances to type out!

        You’re just being cheeky because you guys beat Brazil!

        Again, we agree that we disagree. And… I’m still gonna pray for you, because you’d be a HUGE asset to Christianity, if you ever let go of your pride and accepted Jesus!


      2. Okay thanks. I’m really not a jerk and I certainly don’t go around shoving my beliefs onto people.
        Biblically the ONLY jurisdiction I have regarding various sins i.e.. adultery, drunkenness, fornication, stealing, lying,homosexual behavior, etc. is when it’s being *done* by someone who says they are a fellow believer in my faith, and even then, I would only do it if I had a relationship with that person already established. But if I found out my best Christian girlfriend was sleeping around outside of her marriage, I would drop the hammer big time, BIG TIME, because that’s the WHEN and WHERE of it, as laid out in the Bible. Here’s the verse just so you know
        1 Corinthians 5:11 (AMP)

        11 But now I write to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of [Christian] brother if he is known to be guilty of immorality or greed, or is an idolater [whose soul is devoted to any object that usurps the place of God], or is a person with a foul tongue [railing, abusing, reviling, slandering], or is a drunkard or a swindler or a robber. [No] you must not so much as eat with such a person.
        There are laws are in place by the government, that also sometimes line up with scripture, like don’t murder, don’t steal, and things that Jesus said regarding harming children (child abuse, molestation, etc) and so on. And that’s here (USA), other countries have different laws, like it’s okay to murder your own child if they have a child out of wedlock, or marry someone you didn’t approve of, and those laws also line up with their faith beliefs.
        I totally lost my train of thought….Oh, about calling it hate speech. So is it hate speech if I speak against murder or stealing? Is it hate speech if I speak against molestation? If I vote to make sure laws stay in place that punish murderers and thieves and child molesters?
        By the way, I think those WBC are lost in the sauce, hateful and demon filled creatures. What a tragic distraction they’ve been for the devils cause. Ugh ugh and triple ugh. Okay dude ? I’m a girl, woman actually and need to fix dinner for my dudes so I’m Audi, it’s been real, it’s been good, it’s been real good.


  3. ok, wait…. people are getting upset, and that’s not bringing glory to Christ. I appreciate people wanting to jump in and defend Christianity, and I do encourage that. But I think we’re right on the verge here of arguments, people taking things personally, and so, I’m going to lock this post off for comments before anyone says anything they’ll regret later. Thank you all for your earnestness and convictions! I applaud everyone trying to defend their beliefs, but let’s let this one go, and we can resume dialogue later on.


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