Bible Software – The Search for the Ultimate Bible program

Bible software.

It’s the bane of the Christian.

Years ago, you just got Logos, or Quickverse. I really liked both of them, and really didn’t know which one I liked better. Back when I was in Judaism, I had Davka’s Tanakh program, which was pretty good.

now, there’s TheWord, Quickverse, Logos, Wordsearch, Swordsearcher, Zefania, Xiros, Bible Analyzer, Devar, and E-Sword, plus a host of programs I’ve never tried because they don’t have a free demo.

That’s good, I suppose. My biggest complaint is that, well, some of these programs have REALLY good features. But alas, none of them have ALL the features. So, you’ve got this problem where E-Sword has MANY good features, and a fairly uncluttered layout. That’s good!

And it’s slower than a WWII King Tiger Tank!

Click on the commentary window, start typing and it… starts…. bogg…i…n…g dow….n……



And then gets back to normal until it start….s…. bog…..g…i…ng down again.

That’s the major reason why I never sent Rick a donation. I have E-Sword cluttering my hard drive, because it has great reference tools and works in it that none of my other software have.

E-sword also has the best scripture memorizing tool. then again, really, it has the ONLY scripture memorizing tool out of the programs.

what else does Esword have? well, this part everyone else has taken care of… module creation tools. so, those really aren’t the product of Esword, but other authors. nevertheless, the situation remains, whatever you need, Esword has it.

That’s both very good and… very bad.

The Esword module forums have a number of problems. The hosts of those locations show absolutely no inclination to rectify tares among the wheat there. In the spirit of rabid ecumenism, they simply accept everyone who names the name of Jesus without stopping to say, “Hey… buddy… you’re teaching heresy… we have to ask you to move on.”

For instance, I’ve written previously about a Church of Christ member who uploads his modules reeking of campbellite doctrine, and to snare the unwary, labels them “Baptist”. Now, to say they are something they are not deliberately, is lying. And last I checked, they’re still letting him do that. Brothers and sisters, I have to strongly warn you to stay away from there.

Next, they also allow someone to post a bunch of modules marked “correct doctrine”. I downloaded them, started going through them, and found – to my amazement they were Herbert W. Armstrong! Say, if we’re gonna allow two cults to put their stuff up there, you need to allow them ALL to put there stuff up there! Hare Krishna, Aum Shiryinko, Heaven’s Gate, Moonies, Church of Boston, The Way International, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and New England Patriots!

But you’re going to need to stop calling it Christian.

Anyway, the big issue to me with Esword is 1) how dreadfully slow it is and 2). Rick making changes to E Sword and not listening at all to complaints of users.

Next is Logos. I’d LOVE to evaluate Logos. But they refuse to bundle a Bible in with it for free. And you need to note it is cloud based – meaning it attempts to upload copies of all your notes and personally created files up to their server. That worries me a LOT.

other than that, the fact is their layout seems otherwise cluttery. I can’t stand it, It doesn’t seem very user friendly at all. A lot of people say it is the BEST! However, not having $3,000 to purchase one of their super packages, I’ll never know.

And I’d be REALLY angry to spend that kind of money and find I hated it! Answer: Bundle the King James for free. That way people can see if they wanna pay 100 times the reasonable rate for a Bible program!

I’ve downloaded Logos perhaps 5 times, intending to try to give it a fair evaluation. Each time… I ended up taking it off very quickly. A free Bible would be nice. Logos claims they have a lot they do with a module to make it work with Logos. That’s true… but you give away the ESV and the Lexham Bible… in return for someone’s credit card number. Why should I give you my credit card number on file so I can download free Bibles… and pay to have the King James Bible, when I can get others that presumably require the same amount of work to make them work with Logos for free? Ish?

TheWord Is next. Althoutgh many people swear by it, I think it’s hideous. It looks terrible. Cluttery. It looks like a 14 year old boy’s bedroom. Additionally, it really doesn’t have a way to create modules, and lock them so that another user who downloads them cannot edit them. I wonder how many “Theword” users have accidentally wiped out some of their modules???

Devar I used for a few months, since it had GREAT Hebrew tools… but alas, the language elements alone were not enough to justify cluttering my hard drive. Maybe if I got a 1 terabyte hard drive I’d think about it again, but I really didn’t use it enough to justify it.

Bible Analyzer has a lot of features that I think set it apart. It also has a great, uncluttered look. The unique search functions are amazing. I’d like to see some more functions, such as how to identify the key words in a passage. Bible Analyzer has module creation features built it! And if you decide you simply have to spend money on it, there’s premuim modules for far less than everyone elses’ modules.

I’d like also to see verse memorization tools built in. And I’d REALLY like to see more advanced Greek tools… and how about some Hebrew?

My winner really is Wordsearch 10, who I’ve contacted with over 40 suggestions and ideas. They’ve promised to work them into the next edition of Wordsearch, but if not, I’m sending the same list to Tim Morton, and I’ll start recommending Bible Analyzer.

Bottom line? Alas, I can’t recommend any one Bible program over the others. Wordsearch 10 is the closest, but it still lacks features that ESword has, and nobody has yet to have the features that Bible Analyzer has. So, I’d recommend Wordsearch 10, and if you have the hard drive space, Bible Analyzer as well.