Messianic Judaism Answered 40 – Bible Canon

Just a few short articles left!

This one is going to be a little surprising.

on, James Trimm lists in his own profile books he considers canonical. Here’s his list…

Tanak (Old Testament), Ketuvim Netzarim (New Testament), The Apocrypha, The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jasher

Favorite version of Scriptures:Hebraic Roots Version

I’ve got to wonder. more than wonder. This is upsetting.

You REALLY consider these books to be Scripture???

The Old Testament and the New Testament, sure. But I blame Wescott & Hort for Mr. Trimm’s confusion. You see, once you question the inerrancy and preservation of the Bible, you immediately bring in the questioning of translation, and once that’s in, “…what else did the Church hide???”

He’s one of the few that accept so many – but it’s amazing how many Messianics accept Enoch blindly as part of Canon. He’s not the only one, that’s one of the more common.

Now, Mr. Trimm has been accused of claiming the Book of Mormon as well on some web sites, but he now denies accepting that. Okay, then, we should accept it if someone was in error but now has repented of that error. I can find no endorsements of the Book of Mormon in Trimm’s writings, so I can’t say if the charges are accurate.

It’s like this, people – the Bible is clear cut and settled. God not only inspired it, but kept it in use in His true churches, and not in state churches or Roman Catholic. Jesus Christ said the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it – and yet, everyone that claims additions to Canon are claiming exactly that. claiming the gates of Hell prevailed against the Lord’s churches for 1900 years until these books were found in questionable translations, under questionable means.

The rules for Old Testament canon – did the authors of the New Testament quote it? Did the Jews accept it as canon? Is it “Thus sayeth the Lord”? Does it conform to all other books of the Bible?

The rules of New Testament canon – do the early christian authors quote it? Did the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ use those books? Can it be found on the early lists of books considered canon?

Simple rules. and the ways of confirming it are very simple – get a Waldense or Albigentse Bible and look at the books in it. Pretty simple. How abaout Catharists? Sure!

So basically, what you’re saying is, these christian martyrs who paid for their beliefs with their own blood were all duped, and you personally know better?

It’s pretty simple, folks… get a King James Bible.