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Years ago, I was at Beis Chabad, and met a shochet (animal slaughterer) who had a sefer toldot (geneology). now, a lot of Jews have geneologies, and you’re doing good if you can trace things back to the 1600s or so.

His went to Adam. Literally, he could prove what tribe he was descended from.

That’s very rare, as the two Babylonian captivities, the Antiochus Epiphanes years, the destruction of Jerusalem, the diaspora, the Russian pogroms, the Spanish expulsions and forced conversions, the British Expulsions, and for all I know the Luxenbourg Necktie Straightening years routinely saw Jews losing everything they have and being sent out into the world with only the clothes on their backs, and sometimes not even that!

I can think of no less than five major incidents of “get out this very minute” and about half a dozen “we’ll just burn your synagogues with you still in it” incidents…

It’s no wonder most Jews don’t have a Sefer Toldot. It’s no wonder that with the designation “Kohen, Levi, Israelite” that most Jews were willing to sit back and say, “I don’t know” when asked about what tribe they were from. That information sometimes didn’t stick with people. When you’re told something when you’re three, often that information doesn’t retain. And Jews learned simple things like “it takes a village” when the very real killing of both parents was often a reality before “what tribe are we?” was passed down.

Then you’ve got things like what happened during the 1880 influx of Jews from Europe, where America decided to severely limit the number of Jews emigrating to America. Those that managed to get over here sometimes simply threw away everything Jewish and decide, “It’s a new start – we are American now.” During the influx from Germany and Prussia, that was a regular occurence.

So, what does this have to do with the Ten Lost Tribes? I made a Scriptural case that there weren’t any. There were several people in the New Testament who were of tribes that supposedly were lost into Gentiledom, such as Benjamin and Asher.

Now, every civilization on earth – as antisemitic as many of them are – are quick to point out the supposed reasons they think they’re one of the lost tribes of Israel. And every one of them have been met with polite responses from the Israeli Embassies that amount to, “We’ll make a note of your claim and give it to the Messiah when He comes.”

Indeed, about fifteen years ago, there was a rumor in India that descent from the lost tribes was proved, and literally thousands of people jammed the doors of the Israeli Embassies trying to submit their paperwork. It was insane.

About the only country that has ever made a claim of being a lost tribe – the only one – where Jewish scholars sat back and said, “You know, it makes sense…” was… Japan. Yup. Japan. Shinto priests have a number of ancient practices that appear to be vestiges of ancient Jewish practice – including the wearing of clothing somewhat reminiscent of a High Priest’s garb, and the wearing of Tefillin (!).

That’s one nation out of, how many?

Since the Two House theory is re-warmed British Israelism, it’s more slanted toward anglo-europeans. Yes, if you’re a white man or woman who traces any lineage through the UK, chances are good you may be one of the literal lost tribes of Israel! Good news – I guess we don’t need that Salvation by Grace thing – why, if the UK was any more exalted, then the British Prime Minister could atone for our sins!

Sorry, Sarcasm again. The funny thing is, there’s not a shred of evidence of Ten Lost Tribes-ism, and most assuredly not through the UK. The Japanese connection was probably (according to their theory) either a later group that made its way from China, or were part of Jeremiah’s original group. I’m thinking the later group from China, as that best fits the facts. So that would be an intertestamental or Roman era group.

There’s a good reason that we can’t find any evidence of where the ten lost tribes went – there are no ten lost tribes.

I did a search on the ten lost tribes, and I was dumbfounded to find something by a church called Bible Believers’ Church, where the Pastor’s main argument against the Ten Lost Tribes was… William Branham didn’t believe it!

wow… when that’s your authority for your position – time to chance the name of your church! LIsten, Branham isn’t the prophet of Revelation 10 or revelation anything! He denied the Trinity, and I guarantee that right now, he’s regretting that – and will for all eternity. The next time someone in Siberia sticks a microphone inside a cave, you might just hear Branham’s voice in with the rest of the screams.

Returning to the Ten Lost Tribes (already in progress…), here’s a quote from Bible.CA

An obscure person named Richard Brothers who lived in England between 1757 to 1824 is credited with the origination of this farfetched fantasy. He was true to the form of religious fanatics and his movement was strikingly parallel with Joseph Smith and the Mormons. Richards was as eccentric as Smith was ignorant. There is a distinct similarity in the origination of these episodes, a resemblance in the characters of the men, and in the cues to their religious fictions, particularly in the purported saga of the ten tribes of Israel upon which the respective movements were founded. The religious lunacy of these men was about identical in degree, the difference being in the circumstances of Richard Brothers’ commitment to an asylum and Joseph Smith to a jail. The dignity which the movement lost by this circumstance in connection with its originator was later regained by one Piazzi Smyth, a Scot astronomer, who evolved the British Israel theory by complicated mathematical calculations in some remote connection with the Great Pyramids upon which he based the claim that the throne of England is the throne of David, and the kings and queens of England Queen Victoria in 1800 and George VI in 1944— are of the royal lineage of David, and the British people, therefore, the real Israel today, which they claim descends not through Judah or the Jews but from the ten tribes. The true Israel, they claim, does not include Jews but are the Anglo Saxons.

I’d like everyone to focus on the state of the first man to invent the British Israelitism theory… he was confined to a mental institution. Small wonder I spent much of yesterday calling it lunacy! The person who expanded upon it was the kind of person who’s read the National Enquirer, and believe it.

From the same website…

Now what is Anglo-Israelism? It is the doctrine that the Jews are not Israel. That is all a mistake, we are told. Jews are one thing and Israel quite another. It is a doctrine tha t originated in England, largely surrounding the British people. The doctrine asserts that the Anglo-Saxon peoples are the ten tribes the true Israel. And it is Israel, not the Jews, who will be restored in the millennium. This restored Israel, the Anglo Saxon people, with Jesus Christ seated on the reestablished earthly throne of David as king, will rule the whole world. Anglo-Israelism teaches that the literal throne of David exists today in the throne of the English kings, and when Jesus Christ returns he will simply occupy the throne which the British kings now hold, and have been holding for centuries, for him until he comes, until the millennium commences. That millennium will surround the Anglo-Saxon peoples, not the Jews at all. The Anglo-Saxon peoples of the earth will be gathered together in the millennium, and with Jesus Christ on the throne now held by England’s House of Hanover, they will rule the world. Fantastic, do you say? That is not half of it – it is utterly false.

Yup. I couldn’t agree more. Wooten disguises her British Israelitism by making it more generic (expanding it to “possibly all gentiles”) … but more specifically those of Anglo heritage. It is to be noted that in their refutation of the Two House theory, the MJAA (specifically David Sedaka and Dan Juster) quickly picked up on the anglo thing from Wooten’s book as well.

When one of your opening arguments is, “I know this sounds insane…” it’s time to take the floppy disk from your word processor and deposit it in the trash. Wooten even admits that she knows Herbert W. Armstrong preached this same message… that right there would have given me pause.

Actually, there’s not a whole lot in Messianic Judaism that ISN’T Worldwide Church of God/Armstrong (since Tkatch, I differentiate between WWCOG and WWCOG/A). The only thing is that Armstrong has been replaced by Chumney, Ben Mordecai or Trimm. I’ll be addressing that soon.

It’s very possible that Batya Ruth Wooten was influenced by Armstrong’s literature in the past. I can’t say for sure, I’ve never talked with her. But it just seems a little too close for comfort that she writes a book advancing British Israelitism, and even mentioned Armstrong right in the beginning pages of the book!

Look, it’s very simple – if you’re not Jewish, but you align yourself into a system by which the Jews are exalted, you end up with yearnings to be one. Well, unless you convert, there’s no way.

So, in desperation you look around and begin to allegorize many passages about the diaspora, and the regathering of exiles.

Well, the regathering of exiles began in 1946-48, as many nations, comfortable in that they’d finally gotten rid of their Jews, were stuck with the thought of, what do we do with the concentration camp people? The answer was obvious to me… let them go back to their homes, or assist them in going to Israel if they wanted. If the Jews got forced out by a foreign power and you moved into their house as a squatter, tough. If Jews were forced out of their own country by an empire and finally were allowed to go home – and you moved into their homes as a squatter… tough.

With the announcement of Israel as a nation, the regathering of exiles began. “We need to find the application to all these prophecies about the regathering!”

Who made you God? God will take care of it, trust me! He knows in advance what the outcome will be!!! sadly, much of the regathering may not truly take place until the end of the Tribulation. But it IS taking place and being fulfilled.

And we don’t require anything to explain any part of it. It’s happening. Every time a Jew makes Aliyah, it happens. Trust me. Read the Bible and take it in context… it explains a LOT. All those verses Batya Wooten cites are all either fulfilled already by the return from Babylon, or will be fulfilled by the return of all Jews to Israel in the extremely near future.

And we don’t require british Israelitism to explain things.

The other problem, and I don’t think this is Wooten’s problem, is anti-semitism. If you hate the Jews and read the Bible, you’ve got a conflict. A conflict like that can be disasterous for a mentally ill person, so you have to search for something to reduce that ideological conflict. The myth of the ten lost tribes satisfies that. Next, the antisemite has to diminish the role of the Jews as Israel, and many turn to the Khazars to do that.

Wooten’s only weak way of dismissing the Jews is A). most don’t believe in christ (so, pass out some tracts, then!!!) and B). all it takes is one lying grandmother.

I don’t recall if she brought up the khazars or not – the khazars are one of the weakest lame excuses I’ve ever heard of. What is the khazars? The Khazar story is that a tiny country in the slavic states converted to Judaism, The king converting and so did all the subjects.

Well, supposedly, they dissapeared (like the ten lost tribes) and so, somewhere, you can still here them dragging their chains back and forth… oh, and somehow all Jews alive are descended from khazars, and aren’t really Jews.

I describe the fallacies of arguments like this as “A plus B plus equals D.”

Uh, dude… you left out “C”. How, pray tell, did a small kingdom somehow populate the world with ten million descendants? And…what happened to all the Jews that should be descended from the original Jews?

And… what do you call someone who converts to Judaism? A… Jew.

what do you call the children of two married converts? A Jew!

So… even if the Khazar myth was true (and there’s no evidence for it… indeed, much against it), what would all the descendants of the Khazar be called? Jews.

The Khazar myth annoyed experts so much, they did DNA studies, and found that less than half a percent of the Jews population have DNA from that area of Eurasia. That’s the ENTIRE REGION, not just the Khazar kingdom!

So much for one of the most often repeated myths spread by anti-semites. it’s right up there with “jewish bankers run the world!” I’ve seen both, advocated by Christians, who really should know better.

The ten lost tribes thing is a myth.

If British Israelitism is a myth, and the Ten Lost Tribes is a myth, and the regathering is a combination of the first regathering of exiles from Babylon and the current regathering today…. then why are we even having to talk about the Two House nonsense?


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  1. Amen! That disgusting, blasphemous British National “hymn” – “Jerusalem” was written to exalt British Israel. It is played at every royal wedding, and every state occasion.

    Imagine my shock, (almost swoon) when my church (IFB) performed it at church last Sunday. I nearly walked out midway, but found one of the men afterwards to approach about it. Good grief – there is no escaping it! Is ignorance an adequate excuse? In this case I don’t think so – because that particular piece of music can not be found in Baptist Hymnals – yet the choir director (who is apparently a fool) made a big production and fanfare over it. Bleep!!!!!


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