Messianic Judaism 26

         Almost done with.. well, no, I’m not. I’ve barely started. I’ll have to ask the indulgence of my readers, as I know they’re used to me dealing with a subject for two weeks to a month, and then moving on. But there’s so much wrong with Messianic Judaism it just about rivals Roman Catholicism for sheer heresy!

And rest assured… I’m not done with Roman Catholicism either. As I begin to finish my initial writings on many cults, I plan on returning to examine in far more depth many of the subjects I dealt with before! this also includes Mormonism, because I felt I didn’t give that enough attention. I’ll just say that I only found a few issues to talk about for a couple of weeks, but there’s another blog I’ve seen where they’re up to over 900 doctrinal errors and inconsistencies of Mormonism, so I’ve got a lot more study and catching up to do! And sadly. not a single Calvinist ever found my articles on that sorry doctrine, as I doubt they ever could have let that go without recycling their same old tired arguments that they think they were predestined to utter.

Anyway, today will be short.

It has to do with the taking of Hebrew names.

Listen, there’s a lot of Jews with Gentile names. You know, like… Harrison Ford. Philip Dean.

Sometimes parents give you a horrible name. Our parents, God bless them, sometimes aren’t thinking clearly when they give us names. Or they have funny quirks. My parents were as quirky and odd as, well, me. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree there, I guess.

If you’re given a name like Maushe, and you don’t like it, change it. Be honest and say, “you know, my birth name was horrible.” So, if you take a different name… like say, Marshall… that’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. There’s no inconsistency there. You don’t have to defend it.

“His name was Marshall! And he now uses Moishe to sound more Jewish!!!”

Yeah, well, there were a LOT of Jews at Ellis Island who changed Jewish, old country, greenhorn-ish names to sound more American. Why? To fit in. it’s a whole new world, a new beginning!!! Yes, I am a GOY now!!!

well,maybe not THAT extreme. So WHAT if Marshall Koinechowsky’s name was originally Maushe, and he changed it to Marshall? Big deal! You know how much grief he must have gone through in school? Have you EVER been beaten up in school? Attacked on the school bus? I tell you, it’s enough after the 20th time to make you swear you’re going to take up Karate or Kung fu, and the next idiot that tries to punch you in the mouth you’re gonna….

Sigh. Okay, anyway. So Marshall gets in the Hebrew roots movement, and changes his name back to Moishe, but with a less Greenhorn-ish pronunciation. So he’s going more for a Deutsche-Litvaki pronunciation, big deal.

As you can tell, I’m not overly worked up about if someone wants to change their name.

I just think with over a billion doctrinal issues and heresies, we’ve got bigger fish to fry with some argument about, “You should NEVER change your name!!!”

Listen, if Marshall wants to change his name to Pierre LeGrand Cousteau, let him! He’s still a heretic teaching false doctrine and promoting a vague reconstructionist British Israelitism!

Just to make sure none of you worried I was getting soft. 😉

If someone wants to change their name to fit in, fine. No problems. It’s just a name.

“You can’t EVER change your name! You hear me Jacob Ben Avraham???”

Well, I don’t suppose God changing Jacob’s name to Israel has any bearing on that odd prejudice!

Here’s my advice. As you can see, we can spend SO MUCH TIME dealing with Messianic heresies, that silly little things like “what’s your name, REALLY???” are absolutely foolish.

Like Dr. James Trimm. Someone made a big deal about his name originally being Scotty. OK, whatever. He wants to be known now as “James”. Who cares. I don’t care. Maybe he got picked on a lot by older sisters who would turn and twist that name until the very mention of it brought up teeth clenching anger.

cut the guy some slack.

Umm…. who else? There’s a lot. I don’t care. There’s even a Messianic whose name is Don Doherty, and who – with an overabundance of cheeky humor – preferred the nickname “Donbam”. It’s funny. I laughed the first time I saw it.

But people are raking the guy over the coals because he did a tongue in cheek play on the phrase “RaMBaM” over Rabbi Moses Ben Maimonides. So he uses a nickname, and people flip out.

We take things too far, looking for something to criticize. Let’s deal only with Biblical issues, heresies… and drop the small, inconsequential stuff.

The Messianic sub-culture, with its Ethnodolatry of worshipping anything Jewish, is to blame. Gentiles come in and try to fit in, like millions of Jews who came through Ellis Island. And many Jews who are given Gentile names at birth start adopting Hebrew names, to get in touch with their roots. No big deal.

I’m not worried about it. Let’s stop wasting time about silly things like, “his name was originally Arthur! And Now he wants to be called Chiang Hu!”

Now, let’s look at the flip side.

A prime technique of cults is to change a person’s identity. Take away their name, and you take away their identity.

Some Messianic congregation (I would say “many” but in view of Dan Juster’s protest that the extremists are a “minority” I’ll say “some”) encourage new members to either take up their given Hebrew names, or if your parents never bothered to give you one, choose one. And Gentiles are encouraged to take a Hebrew name upon joining.

Identity taken away. You’re no longer Henry Wallenstone, but Yitzchaq Rabin, or something like that.

Then they takeaway your holidays you grew up with. “Christmas is pagan.” so suddenly you are losing all the holidays you grew up with. Wedge driven between family now. Separated from family, and lost your identity.

You now hold more loyalty to Israel than to your birth country. loyalties changed. You’re isolated, new viewpoints, new family, new holidays, new name… indoctrinated. Brainwashed.

And the Moonies are taking notes. “What did you do then? Ohhhh…. wow, we never thought of that!”

See now why I say Messianic Judaism is a cult?