Messianic Judaism Answered 25 Holy Name-ism

         Yesterday I discussed the utter psychosis behind Holy Name-ism.

Today, let’s finish it with one last article on it, and we’ll put this lunacy to rest forever.

As I mentioned, the concept behind Holy Name stuff is a couple of verses…

21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Acts 2:21 (KJV)

12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12 (KJV)

13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13 (KJV)

The issue is, the so-called logic. “If my name is Joshua, and you call me Robert, we;;, that’s not my name. There’s only one name in which there is salvation – Yaohushua!”

“No, It’s Yahshua!”

“Did you add an H? It’s Yashua!”
“You’re both wrong, it’s Yehoshua!”

First, your very arguments show my point. Jesus Christ i’m sure can speak every language on this planet. If He doesn’t, then we’re all in trouble, because that would require learning to speak Hebrew or Koine Greek.

And nobody who DIDN’T speak those languages could possibly have been saved for the last 2,000 years!

But there’s been quite a bit of evidence of salvation from people who spoke English. And German. And French. Why, the Lord must speak many languages!

Why does this surprise you? Is the Jesus Christ you worship possibly some other Jesus? ( I’ll be exploring that issue soon enough, in more than sufficient detail, trust me.)

The next part of my argument is the argument Messianics just never seem to consider…

If it’s SO IMPORTANT to God that you speak His name out loud, and not use titles of respect – then 1). why does the Bible do it and B). Why didn’t God take the care to record in the Bible the exact pronunciation of the name?

It’s important to God that men be saved. He’s stated so many, many times. He came to earth wearing a human body in the form of the middle person of the Trinity for that very purpose – to make sure we have salvation!

So, if the EXACT formula for how one must be saved is so important, and if exactly HOW you pronounce the name means the difference between life and death, salvation and damnation…

Why didn’t God record it in the Bible?

What it comes down to among Holy Name-ists is this – they do not believe in the inspiration and preservation of the Bible.

Ask yourself this question: Who wrote the Bible?

The average untutored back row Baptist who doesn’t know ANYTHING more than “God says it, I believe it!” and “Jesus died for my sins” and is otherwise ignorant of the Bible will answer this with a puzzled look and the answer… “uh… God wrote the Bible!”

Hah! The Holy Name-ist will tell you it was written by 40 men over 3,500 years, and will probably list 74 or so books of the Bible they consider canonical. Yes, the benefits of an education.

…are wasted. The back row Baptist was right, and you were wrong!

Yes, 40 men did the mechanical job of placing quill to vellum and wrote the words in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek.

Indeed, they did.

But God chose the very LETTERS in the words they wrote. God chose the words. God breathed the very life into the words, in a construct of two Greek words “Pneumo” and “Theo” combined into one word – θεοπνευστος ‘theopneustos”.

God wrote the Bible.

So when you read it, please stop with the “John didn’t understand Helicopters and so wrote down blah blah blah…” God chose the words, dude. Really.

So, your ENTIRE view of the Bible changes when you see it with the understanding that God is the author of the Bible, as 2 Tim. 3:16 says.

15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. 2 Timothy 3:15-17 (KJV)

If God wants the Bible to say the whale swallowed Jonah, there you go. THat’s how it would read. If God wanted the Bible to say Jonah swallowed the whale, there you go! That’s how it would read!

If God said it, did it happen?


Off how Messianics are completely convinced, 100% that the earth stopped rotating during one of the battles to take the land if Israel – but have a hard time believing God chose the words and letters of the Bible.

Here’s another thought – God chose that the Old Testament would be written in Hebrew and Aramaic. For His purposes, we don’t know why, He decided what parts would be Hebrew, and what would be Aramaic. The average Messianic won’t have a problem with saying that.

Here’s the part that the average Messianic will suddenly balk at… God also chose that the New Testament would be written in Greek.

“Hey, wait a minute! Why would God decree that it would be written in some pagan Gentile language?”

Because Jewish is a concept that applies only to mankind. God the Father is not Jewish. Jesus Christ is, but let’s not get carried away here. Many Messianics are guilty of Ethnodolatry, the worship of a particular ethnic group as God.

God made Jew and Gentile alike. I’m not going to be stupid and say something like, “God the Father, who existed from before time, is a Jew.” If God wanted the New Testament written in Greek, He very well has the right to determine it would be written in Greek!

If God wanted the New Testament to be written in Mandarin Chinese, it would have been. God knows why, to the nth degree, why Koine Greek was THE right language to write the NT in.

“Well, the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew!”

The only historical evidence we have of that is a fragment of Matthew written in Hebrew or Aramaic dating back to perhaps 38 AD, and the letters of the early Christians who record that he wrote Matthew first in Hebrew, and then in Greek. A tiny fragment.

If the early christian writers are wrong, then your theory falls apart. The fragment could have been a copy of the autograph in Greek. There’s parts of the Gospels that cannot have been written in Hebrew. What’s the Hebrew word for love? Ahavah.

What’s the Greek for love? Two words, Phileo and agape. So, if the Bible uses the two words for love (which it does) how can it have been written in Hebrew?


yup. And even if Matthew did write a text in Hebrew, why are you SO SURE that it is different from the Greek?

Here’s my point – God preserved only one family of texts, copied faithfully from Bible believing Christian to Bible believing Christian. And it was preserved in Greek.

If the Hebrew was not preserved, it was not the Bible, Holy writ.

It doesn’t matter if Matthew may have sat down and doodled in Sequoia’s talking leaves (Cherokee lettering), that wouldn’t make a Cherokee manuscript dating back from Israel (long before Sequoia’s time) any more authoritative than the preserved, inspired Bible.

Although I guarantee such an event would have Messianic gentiles with their Hebrew names start researching their geneologies again, this time looking for Cherokee ancestry, and start donning of eagle feathers! (although I’m sure a few would trap a pigeon and try painting the feathers!)

The point is, God preserved the Greek texts. Not the Hebrew. If Matthew had REALLY written it in Hebrew, that wouldn’t make it any more Holy or authoritative than the preserved texts we have. Nor would a shopping list written in Aramaic be Holy Writ! “From the desk of the APOSTLE MATTHEW: Eggs, one dozen, Matzoh, 2 boxes…”


Really. Let’s pull ourselves together here, and stop being silly.

So, if God preserved the Bible in the form of the Textus Receptus (He did – the very survival of those texts despite centuries of determined attempts to destroy all of them), and if God wrote the Bible, determining not only the words but the very letters… if it was SO IMPORTANT what name we pray in, the Bible would have endeavored to state several times, “The Holy Name must be pronounced out loud, and it must sound like this…. Yah-Owww-Hooo-shoo-ahhh… world without end, amen.”

It doesn’t say that. The Bible just tosses the name out there. Iesous. There’s nothing written about how to phonetically pronounce it in Hebrew.

Yeshua is the rough equivalent, if you’re so obsessed with how to say it in Hebrew. “BUT what does the Bible SAY, man??? THat’s the important part!!!”

Okay,. Iesous. EEE—AAAyyyy… So…. usssss.

“But that’s not Jewish at ALL!!!!”

Yes, well, I’m Jewish, but I don’t worship the Jewish people as a God! Really, many Messianics have a veritable pantheon! God father, God the Holy Spirit, god the The Jewish people, god the Torah…. and Yaohushua must be just a Messiah.”

Funny how they elevate everyone up to and include their pet turtle as God… but Jesus has to be just a man! We’re going to explore that issue later on as well.

The Bible says Iesous. Bottom line. I described yesterday the point of how it becomes Jesus.

So now that I’ve demolished EVERY LAST one of your arguments about Holy Name-ism, please drop this nonsense! Buy yourself a King James Bible, and start reading it literally!

And make sure you get saved! If you believed this Holy Name nonsense, I have serious doubts about your salvation!

Because to adhere to this Holy Name stuff, it involves a willingness to deny the name of Jesus Christ. When early Christians denied Christ to avoid being tortured to death under Domitian, the Donatists (early Baptists) insisted that the people must not have been saved, and demanded they pray, repent, accept the Lord Jesus Christ, and be baptized. Heresy arose because many were unwilling – which tells me the Donatists were right! – and those people who refused went and formed another splinter group of Christians… and heresies bubbled up quickly.

The amount of heresy that’s rampant like an infectious air-borne plague within Messianic Judaism suggests the same thing.

If you’re really saved, then this would amount to a re-dedication of your life, no problem. And if you have denied Christ, it obviously means you weren’t saved to begin with. Two seconds after death is no time to find out you were wrong. Repent now, while there’s time.