Calvinism Answered 8

We have examined and answered so far:

  • Not everyone who is not Calvinist is Armenian
  • There is a difference between Baptist and Armenian
  • The TULIP theology actually contradicts Scripture
  • Total Depravity actually teaches Total Inability
  • Total Inability is the key teaching of Calvinism – if Total Inability is removed, the entire Calvinism doctrine falls apart immediately.
  • Calvinism really is Augustinianism
  • There’s not a whole lot of difference between Calvinism and some Roman Catholic doctrines
  • The historic understanding of Salvation as expressed by the Early Church “Fathers” does not match Calvinism’s understanding
  • A person reading the Bible literally through for years without having been taught Calvinism would not arrive at an understanding of TULIP theology, thus raising grave doubts as to any claims of it being “Biblical”.
  • Total Inability is based upon Biblical half truths.
  • There are few Calvinist proof texts, and they are cited against the majority of Bible verses that prove otherwise, or consist of verses taken out of context and forced to appear as if they support Calvinism
  • The Bible clearly teaches “whosoever will…” many times.
  • The Calvinist ignores Biblical texts in favor of his dogma, thus Calvinism actually champions tradition and logic above the Bible
  • The supposed logical arguments of the Calvinist are flawed right from the beginning
  • The Calvinist accepts the verses that state “Whosoever will not” as supporting damnation for anyone who rejects Christ, but refuses to accept the verses that state “Whosoever will” as supporting salvation for anyone who accepts Christ
  • Calvinism does not give you any assurance you’re one of the elect
  • Calvinism cannot be learned purely from reading the Bible – it has to be taught.
  • Most who believe in Calvinism misunderstood what predestination was, and grasped onto Calvinism once they heard it.
  • The Bible describes the Gospel as simple, but Calvinism is extremely complicated – and therefore cannot be the Gospel
  • Unconditional Election cannot be found in the Bible
  • The Bible uses conditional language to describe the decision to be saved, which refutes Unconditional Election
  • The Bible also continually uses “Whoever…” “whosoever…” and “if any…” when discussing whether someone gets saved or not.
  • The “Church” does not replace Israel God is not “Through with the Jew”
  • Calvinism dates back to the 15th Century, and borrows heavily from Roman Catholic Doctrine created by Augustine
  • Calvinists teach “Christ died only for the elect.”
  • The Bible teaches that the “Elect” is Israel.
  • If Calvinism is correct, then only the Jews are saved We are predestined according to FOREKNOWLEDGE.
  • God knew in advance who would accept Salvation, and the office of Salvation was appointed to all who would turn and trust in Jesus Christ.
  • Christ died for ALL, as the Scriptures repeatedly instruct.

Today we speak about Irresistable Grace. I’m going to quote from David Cloud, because he sums up the argument and the refutation in the same words in a way that perfectly explains it and answers it at the same time.

That question is answered plainly in this passage only three verses later: “And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day” (Jn. 6:40). (Of course the Calvinist argues that it is only the elect who can “see the Son,” but one must read that into the verse.) Thus, all those who believe on Christ are given by the Father and they are received and are not cast out.

David Cloud, The Calvinism Debate, Way of Life Publishing, pg. 115

Is it just a select few, or all men, according to the Bible?

32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. John 12:32 (KJV)

The surprising thing is that, all three of the middle TULIP doctrines are so closely related. If you answer and defeat ONE, you’ve just about answered and defeated ALL of them! Look how closely the Limited Atonement and Unconditional Election doctrines are related, and the irresistable grace. It makes for easy Sunday School classes, but the Bible is simpy not that way!

To be a Calvinist, you’ve got to disregard and ignore so many verses of the Bible it’s amazing. Tomorrow, I’m simply going to post a great number of verses that will give any Calvinist some pause. They’ve leearned through faulty isogesis and incomplete hermaneutics to answer some of the verses. But the sheer number should give one pause, to say… “We may be wrong.”

Did Christ die for some men, or for all men? The Bible says all men. That should end the subject.

Here’s what makes Irresistable Grace so appealing – it’s mostly biblical, like all Calvinist doctrines. There’s a strong grain of truth to it – but it’s incomplete truth. By coloring your view of the Bible through magic glasses that see EVERYTHING discussing Salvation in terms of “predestining a select few”, you end up distorting every verse in that way.

The problem with Clavinism is, it’s incomplete exegesis. Not all of the verses about Salvation are taken into account.

Here’s a summing up of BIBLICAL Irresistable Grace. God draws all men. Some repent and choose Christ, realizing their sinful condition. Others put it off, like Felix… and death eventualllky overtakes them before Salvation – and they spend all eternity in Hell bewailing their procrastination.

Others dismiss it, because they “love not the truth.” Me, I’m all about the truth. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Light – no man cometh to the Father but by Him. Anyone who dismisses the truth purposely choose THEMSELVES.

In a court of civil law, if you do not make someone aware of a clause in a contract, and prevent them from reading it, Justice always exempts the person from the penalty.

“Yes, but God is Sovereign!”

Indeed He is! And He can do whatever He wants. However, God is Merciful, Loving, Kind, Patient, willing that none should perish and all repent, and find eternal life. These are all things the Bible says about God.

By making God out to be someone who Sovereignly selects some for Salvation and others for Hell based solely on a whim, or on “I don’t like him…”, you make God out to be a cruel tyrant. The Baptist doctrines of Grace see rather that it is based solely on foreknowledge – “Will this person accept the Gospel or not?” If the Lord knows they will not accept it based upon His ability to foresee the future, it makes perfect sense. God is now merciful, and just.

He extends the offer of salvation to all, and those who accept, have eternal life. Those who do not, are rejected forever.

Calvinism in its most extreme forms is frightening, as eventually carried to its ultimate conclusion teaches, “I’m predestined to salvation before my birth. Therefore, I do not need to be born again.”

This dooms the Calvinist who decides this, to an eternity in Hell. You’ll have entire churches full of strong Calvinists, active in their churches but who neglect getting saved, entering Hell all at once. It will be little consolation to see John Calvin in there, screaming, whimpering, sobbing, along with them. I really need to write strongly on the horrors of Hell so that the people reading this will be strongly motivated to evangelize, to witness. Churches need to be active in this area. One area that Christians are exceptional failures in is sharing their faith. On the whole, the Gentile church probably gets a strong F as a grade in that area. We depend upon the work of 0.25% of all Christians to spread the Gospel.

It would take a single person 430 years to knock on all the doors in India and share the Gospel. On the other hand, 4,000 missionaries can do it much quicker. 40,000 could probably do it in a year.

144,000 could evangelize the entire world in 7 years. How do I know? THe Bible says it’s going to happen. And COUNTLESS people will respond to that Gospel.

Which Gospel will they respond to?

“You’re chosen before the creation of the world either to heaven, or Hell! You need to be active in the church so that you can see which you are!”

“Well, if I’m predestined, why do I need to leave Hinduism?”

You end up with an unanswerable question, there.

or is it,

“Christ loved the world so much, He came and died for you, that whosoever believeth upon Him will be saved.”

It’s going to be the latter. Indeed, let’s not forget Hudson Taylor’s experience when proposing missions overseas – “When God decides to convert the Heathen He will do so without your help and mine!”

That’s Calvinism.


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