Atheism & Evolution Answered 5

So far, we’ve examined:

  • There is an absolute moral standard in the Universe.
  • There is something greater than myself
  • That something set up those absolute moral standards.
  • That Something greater who has set up moral standards will someday judge me according to those standards.
  • If the Universe exists, it either has always been there, or it has been created.
  • If it was created, it had a creation.
  • If it had a creation, it had a creator.
  • If I see something moving, I recognize that a force or energy was applied to that something to make it move.
  • A+B=C. If C = 0 and A =0 then B = 0. If A =0 and B=0, then C cannot equal “Everything”
  • There’s no reason why we have universal laws.
  • If we did not have protons, would the laws of nature work? No. By that very concept, we identify that the kinds of materials the universe is made of are DESIGNED to cooperate with the very laws that were put in place.
  • It is nearly impossible to know A+B=c if you don’t know the value of A or B
  • The same scientist who popularized the Big Bang theory also proposed the Oscillating State theory, which is contradictory
  • Red light spectrum shifts may be objects receding from us, gravity bending the light, or objects between us and the star. We cannot say for sure at this time.
  • There is not enough background radiation to account for the Big Bang
  • radio waves from space are probably just the sounds of comets, stars and planets
  • Triangulation to determine the distance of starts is not accurate past a certain point, as the error factor becomes too great
  • The laws of thermodynamics prevent the Big Bang or Evolution for that matter to be valid science
  • Gambler’s Ruin decrees that sooner or later the gambler loses – so the Big Bang and Evolution should have degenerated into chaos and death long before life arose.
  • Space is a vacuum. Prior to the creation of the universe, there was nothing to slow down particles once accelerated. After the Big Bang, all the subatomic particles should have just kept flinging on into space… forever.
  • There was nothing to cause the subatomic particles to form atoms and molecules. Still no satisfactory explanation from Science how this happened.
  • Gas is too nebulous and lacks sufficient weight and mass to start the attraction of elements to one another, and would not have compacted into ultra-dense objects to become stars.
  • We lack discovery of any active proto-stars or stage 1 stars, required for the theory of the birth of stars.
  • We lack any organizing external force to cause any of the elements to change into heavy metals such as Uranium necessary to cause the star to explode from compacting.

By now, if any Atheists have found this blog, I should be making them very angry, as I’m calling their false religion into question. “How dare you question our High Priests!” What High Priests? You know, the guys who put on lab coats to stare through a telescope. “Be careful, might get some starlight on your clothes!”

I’d like to make a recommendation. For starters, a lot of you science types are allergic to exercise. That’s not good. It puts you heavily at risk for TB, and other diseases. Niels Bohr was an Olympic athlete, as well as a pretty smart guy. Go buy a bicycle. Take up tennis. Go sign up for Japanese Karate. Consider fencing. Okay, that’s my health recommendation for the day. You guys will resist disease better and live longer.

I like nerds. I think it’s pretty obvious I was one once. (“Once???”) I tend to announce during sermons when I have to give some really cool Biblical tidbit that it’s a Bible geek moment. Which always gets a laugh because its really obvious I am just that – a Bible nerd.

Quick example – when was Jiu-Jitsu invented? The usual answer is about 500 years ago in Japan. Well, some of King David’s warriors did some moves startlingly similar to Jiujitsu.

18 And Abishai, the brother of Joab, the son of Zeruiah, was chief among three. And he lifted up his spear against three hundred, and slew them, and had the name among three. 19 Was he not most honourable of three? therefore he was their captain: howbeit he attained not unto the first three. 20 And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, the son of a valiant man, of Kabzeel, who had done many acts, he slew two lionlike men of Moab: he went down also and slew a lion in the midst of a pit in time of snow: 21 And he slew an Egyptian, a goodly man: and the Egyptian had a spear in his hand; but he went down to him with a staff, and plucked the spear out of the Egyptian’s hand, and slew him with his own spear. 22 These things did Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and had the name among three mighty men. 2 Samuel 23:18-22 (KJV)

There you go. Bible geek moment.

Getting back to atheism and evolution, we’ve got a quandary. We have stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies. And step by step, I’ve dealt with the fact that Science doesn’t have any real answers for how these things came to be. It’s no surprise that one or two of the scientists who came up with theories like the Big Bang happened also to be amateur science fiction authors. Where’d I get that info from? Before you hit the comment box below in righteous indignation, go read Asimov. He has a few books on science, where he regales the reader with these facts.


Don’t question Asimov, I guess. Or Clarke or Heinlein.

So, solar systems. The usual theory is that chunks get blown off from the stars and formulate into heavier elements, somehow organizing themselves into big ugly rocks.

You know the really annoying question I’m about to ask, right???

If the first and second laws of Thermodynamics prevent this from “Just happening”, what external force caused it to happen?

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the answer that keeps popping up is God. The Atheist (those that read Clarke and Heinlein) is fond of quoting William of Occam – that razor is cutting mighty deep the other way right now.

Question: how does a fairy tale for adults begin?

For kinds, the answer is “Once upon a time…”. For adults, it’s essentially the same thing. We’ve been preconditioned to hearing a happy story after those words are said by the brothers Grimm.

For adults, it’s worded “millions of years ago…” Translation – “Once upon a time…”

I bet your Macmillan science text books read a little differently now, don’t they? Shouldn’t we be calling “Science” class “fairy tale” class?

We’re in the same situation as with the birth of stars. Compacting gasses again requires some external force. From where? Gas is composed of elements very low on the periodic table. It has VERY little weight, and almost no mass. All the theories and all the mathematic models presuppose that the theory is correct to start with, except a guy named Boyle already dealt with that issue.

According to the mathematic models (can’t quote them here – sorry, I’m a theoretics guy, not a math geek. Now, you’ll accept that line from the theoretics guy as long as they’re part of your religion – I’m a Christian, and I’m sure you’re not going to afford me the same courtesy. Now who’s closed-minded?), stars should form singular systems. Binary systems shouldn’t exist. So the mathematical models have to be altered to account for them, right?

Wasn’t it Huxley who said something about a beautiful theory destroyed by inconvenient facts?

If any of the lab coat guys are reading this – I know I’m reaching you. You’re already struggling with the fact that the currently advocated theories have HUGE holes in them! It’s the more uneducated Atheists (bet you’d never thought you’d read that, right?) who are rejecting everything I’m writing right now.

What holds galaxies together? Gravity, right? Gravity is another way of talking about the lass of mass and attraction. There’s no gravel like substance called “gravity”. Newton wrote on it a lot, and a lot of people read his writings and scratched their heads. Newton was an amazingly smart man. His Eschatology was off quite a bit, and his doctrine suffered a lot. In some of his writings he struggled with simple Biblical concepts like the Trinity. Hopefully, he got that resolved before he died, because I’m looking forward to meeting ol’ fig Newton. If he didn’t get that resolved – I won’t get the pleasure. alas.

There’s some problems with Galaxies such as – how did they form? We’re STILL stuck with the dilemma that nothing could make particles slow down to form stars if we accept the Big Bang. Hoyle’s steady state has been debunked, although quite a few scientists are calling for it again out of sheer frustration. Not to mention the fact the Big Bang was debunked by SCIENTISTS – your High Priests – back in the 1980’s. Which means something science itself disproved 25 years ago is STILL being taught in public schools.

So, we’re stuck in that there’s stars and no way to explain them. Galaxies, and no way to explain them. solar systems and no way to explain them. Binary star systems and no way to explain them.

15 years ago, Hovind told all of you, “if there’s something wrong with your theory, get a new one! Quit lying and teaching the old one when you know it’s a lie!” Are you all EVER going to listen?

I’m not going to deal with Black Holes. I’m going to bypass a lot of information that Vance Ferrill already gave in the Evolution Cruncher. I’ve seen some very brave websites where Atheists attempt to debunk Ferrill. Good luck. He must give you sleepless nights. And I’m sure you’re not answering him point by point, unless you’re just regurgitating standard Big Bang theories that he’s already answered – by quoting your High Priests, by the way! The things Ferrill teaches about the Big Bang all originate from the very work of leading astronomers, like Hoyle! If you have a problem with Ferrill, you’re having a problem with Sir Fred Hoyle. And with many other scientists. Go read the Evolution Cruncher and answer it point by point. You’re going to lose a lot of sleep.