Trying to do everything at once!

There comes a time when every Godly man with a blog must face the facts that there’s just too much to answer all at once time.

Quick note for critics of David Cloud – I am a blogger. I am a man with an online blog. David Cloud is a missionary. I write my blog from the comfort of my living room, feet up on an ottoman, usually a cat on my lap and warm coffee next to me.

David Cloud writes from Nepal and from India, which because of the visa requirements of Nepal, he sometimes has to leave Nepal for a month or so and live in India. He writes in between spreading the Gospel.

Ok. Dealt with that. Let’s stop calling David Cloud a “Blogger” and instead call him a missionary. Thanks. You can dismiss my writings as a blogger. I’d prefer you call me a “Doctrinally correct blogger.”

I still have much more to write on Roman Catholicism, Messianic Judaism, Buddhism, and probably even Jehovah’s Witnesses. I still have Judaism to write on. I need to answer Seventh Day Adventism, Mormonism, the Twelve Tribes, and a whole host of other “isms” that are cults, false religions, and erroneous doctrines. I can’t believe I have to say it this way, but here in America I cannot write on ***** at all. I can’t even mention their name without risking federal involvement. i’ll just leave it that they’re a false religion, and need Jesus Christ.

While dealing with Atheism/Science/Evolution, I ran across a blog item that let me know I can’t leave off Calvinism too much longer. There’s a move afoot to subvert all of the Southern Baptist Convention. Why I (an Independent Baptist) am worried about this is obvious, if you look at the “About me” – I’m an Independent Baptist attending a Southern Baptist Church. My pastor knows my differences and is okay with them. I don’t make an issue of it, but gently give a Fundamentalist perspective of the Bible from the Pulpit or during Sunday School Class.

God has for His reasons placed me in a Southern Baptist Church. Why, I don’t know. While I’m here, I’m going to take very seriously any threat to subvert the Convention into anything.

Now, the average Calvinist may well say, “There’s no move to subvert the SBC! What are you talking about?” Well, you’re spreading misinformation, and attempting a spin game of talking about “Reclaiming the Baptist doctrines of Sovereign Grace”. I’ve already responded to that. And I’ve also pointed out the 9marks people (Devers and whoever else works with him) is making pamphlets on how to “convert” the SBC to Calvinist.

That’s subverting. And Calvinists haunt one another’s blogs and websites. All you have to do is start searching “Apologetics blogs” and you’re instantly inundated with Calvinist blogs. And guess what? They all have links to many other Calvinist blogs, right on their widget displays. Biblical Baptists are definitely behind the 8 ball when starting apologetics blogs. I’m one of the few, I hate to say!

I just don’t have enough hours in the day to answer everything right away. So I’m stuck with – continue answering Atheism/Science/Evolution? Or detour to answering Calvinism, and then return to Atheism once that’s done?

In the meantime, I’m only about 20% through the Correct Doctrine series, and that’s something I think should be a priority, because essentially, that’s the most important thing for baby Christians to read! Yes, it’s neat to see me reinforce your faith. I’m sure some of you get a kick out of the way I deal with that. Sadly, I have a large button next to me labeled SARCASM that I tend to press. Other people have an EASY button, I have a SARCASM button.

It’s not a good witness for the Lord Jesus Christ, but sometimes I see no other way to respond to people’s spurious arguments other than to lean on that button heavily while writing.

I ask your patience while I get through this phase of urgency, trying to deal with everything all at once. It’s a HUGE relief to have finished what I have so far. A lot of the burden is lifted from me, just writing what I did on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. And I keep poking at someone else who’s reading this blog from time to time who has a burden for apologetics, and yet has not started writing his own blog (Hello, Alton! Poke, poke!)

My bottom line is, I can’t do it all at once. So, leave a comment and let me know – what should I focus on RIGHT NOW???