Jehovah’s Witnesses Answered 26 – The Finished Mystery 3

“There are two ordinations proper. One is of God; one of men. The ordination of God is the begetting of the Holy Spirit. If any are preaching without this ordination, they are doing something that they are not authorized to do. There comes, however, another special ordination of those who are called ministers of the Gospel, in which class I count myself. This is ordination by the Church, and is recognized by all denominations everywhere. By some it is considered a mere form, by some it is performed with great ceremony, by others with less ceremony. But to our understanding, each congregation should have those whom it has chosen ordained in a Scriptural way— by the stretching forth of hands— by a vote. Whoever has not been ordained in these two ways is not an ordained minister of the Gospel in the Scriptural sense. First, the Divine ordination is necessary; second, the earthly ordination is necessary. By the grace of God I have both of these.” Pg 72

This is partly correct! Pastor Russell is correct in his analysis that there are two ordinations, one of men, and one by the local church. The second is merely a public recognition of the first. If one is not ordained in the first, then they are not ordained in the second, no matter who votes. 100% of people voting cannot ordain someone that cannot be ordained, such as a heretic or a woman. One must be saved to be ordained a minister of God. Pastor Russell denies the deity of Christ, and thus could not be ordained.

In addition, we saw two days ago that Pastor Russell lied under oath, claiming to be ordained. He then switched his story, and admitted under cross examination he never was ordained. So, Pastor Russell is deliberately lying in his writings.

However, page 72 places us in a quandry, as Russell next writes something that completely contradicts the entire established teachings of the Watchtower Society!

We affirm the pre-existence of Jesus as the mighty Word ‘(Logos)—Spokesman— ‘the beginning of the creation God,’ ‘the First-Born of every creature,’ the active Agent of the Heavenly Father, Jehovah, in all the work of creation. ‘Without Him was not anything made that was made.’ (Rev. 3:14; Col. 1:15; John 1:3.) We affirm that the Word (Logos) was made flesh— became the Babe of Bethlehem— thus becoming the Man Jesus, ‘holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners.’ As we affirm the humanity of Jesus, we equally affirm the Divinity of Christ— ‘God also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a name above every name.’ (Heb. 7:26; Phil. 2:9.)

I notice Russell prevaricates in his affirmation, and claims both that the Lord Jesus Christ is a created being (this is a heresy) and that – He is God!

Here we have a logical quandry. How can a created being be a God? It’s not possible. By the very definition, God is timeless (which pastor Russell both affirms and denies at the same time!), existing eternally. A created being has a beginning, something Hebrews claims the Lord Jesus Christ did not have.

1 For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him; 2 To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace; 3 Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually. Hebrews 7:1-3 (KJV)

A created being has a beginning. The Bible says the Lord Jesus Christ has no origin, but existed eternally as the Son of God. All these points we addressed in the posts on the Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Today, the Watchtower Society strongly denies the divinity of Jesus Christ in the strongest of terms. They still hold to the concept that the Lord ressurected in a spirit form – a ghost. They still deny the deity of the Holy Spirit, claiming “it” issues from both the Son and the Father.

So Russell here is not affirming the deity of Christ, but rather manages to play word games, affirming and denying in the same breath.

Morton Edgar, author of Pyramid Passages, has found foreshown in the Great Pyramid of Egypt abundant evidence of the accuracy of the Bible chronology of Pastor Russell and the supplements thereto supplied by Dr. John Edgar, deceased. These findings are set forth in his work, Pyramid Passages, Vol. II, of which we recommend sections numbered in the following table.

This is pyramidology, which most dismiss as fanciful at best. The theory was ressurected briefly by Kent Hovind, but few today accept this kind of reasoning. It would be similar to measuring a statue of the Buddha and comparing it to verse numbers of the Bible. Hovind confined himself to the theory that the gospel is presented in the design of the Great Pryramid. Russell, however, prefers to use measurements of the Great Pyramd to calculate dates and chronologies. I presume Russell lacked tea leaves to prognosticate from. This is at best National Enquirer Eschatology of the silliest kind.

I ask the Witness reading this, in all seriousness – is this the first time you’ve heard about Pyramidology? Does the Society teach this at all any more? or is this something that they still teach, behind closed doors, once you’ve gotten your card filled out with enough points, kind of like the system of advancing in Freemasonry?

I do acknowledge there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence that Russell was a Mason, but no direct evidence, unlike Joseph Smith. That’s why these two sentences alone out of all my posts mention it. I understand that this suggestion is offensive to Witnesses, and do ask your forgiveness, but I felt I had to mention it as there is a possibility.

Here is Pastor Russell’s Pyramidology reproduced from the Finished Mystery:

Date Foreshown Event Pastor Russell’s Works Sections of Pyramid Passages
Fall 4127 B. C. Fall of Adam. Z 04-343 25-30-58
Fall 3127 B. C. End of Adam’s 1000 year day. Z 04-343 25-28
Fall 2473 B. C. Flood. B 42 24-30
Fall 2081 B. C. Birth of Isaac. B 231 45
Spring 1813 B. C. Death of Jacob. B 218-232 16-17
Spring 1615 B. C. Exodus and giving of the Law B 42 11
pring 1575 B. C. Entrance into Canaan B 42 43-46
Fall 626 B. C. Last Jubilee. B 185 50
Fall 607 B. C. Desolation of the Land. B 51 19-46-48
Fall 455 B. C. Nehemiah’s Commission. B 67 51-52-53
Fall 2 B. C. Birth of Christ. B 54 10-43
Fall 29 A. D. Baptism of Christ. B 60 10-24-43-58
Spring 33 A. D. Death of Christ. B 61 10-11-14-32-38-45
Fall 36 A. D. Conversion of Cornelius B 71 51
Spring 1378 A. D. Wycliffe. Z 05-185 37
Spring 1521 A. D. Diet of Worms. Z 05-181 38
Fall 1846 A. D. Evangelical Alliance. C 95-119 14-52
Fall 1874 A. D. Second Advent of the Lord B 173-247 16-32-50-51
Spring 1878 A. D. Favor to Jews and sleeping Saints. C 233 17-28
Fall 1914 A. D. End of Times of the Gentiles. B 73 19-48
Fall 2875 A. D. Restitution completed. Z 04-344 37
Fall 2914 A. D. Dominion restored to mankind. Z 04-343 58

The fact this chronology was derived from a book on the pyramid should cause a great deal of consternation from every witness reading this.

In addition, the chronology is completely wrong! Taking a literal reading of the dates given in the Bible, I have these dates:

4127 BC is roughly 5 years before the creation of the world. The creation should be 4122 thereabouts. The Bible does NOT give a date for the Fall. We know for instance when the Garden was created, we know Adam sinned – we do not know if he was in the garden 100 years or 100 minutes before the fall!

Russell has 2471 as the Flood. A literal reading of the Bible places it 5 years later, at 2466. 2471 is actually the death of Lamech.

Here’s a table showing Russell’s dates versus history’s dates.


Russell’s Dates Event Actual History’s Dates
Fall 4127 B. C. Fall of Adam. 4122 BC (?)
Fall 3127 B. C. End of Adam’s 1000 year day. No such thing…
Fall 2473 B. C. Flood. 2466 BC
Fall 2081 B. C. Birth of Isaac. 2066 BC
Spring 1813 B. C. Death of Jacob. 1869 BC
Spring 1615 B. C. Exodus and giving of the Law 1446 BC
Spring 1575 B. C. Entrance into Canaan 1406 BC
Fall 626 B. C. Last Jubilee. ?
Fall 607 B. C. Desolation of the Land. (Assuming this means the Babylonian Captivity…) 586 BC
Fall 455 B. C. Nehemiah’s Commission. 444 BC
Fall 2 B. C. Birth of Christ. 5 BC
Fall 29 A. D. Baptism of Christ. (note – there are two possible years for this 26 AD or 29 AD) 29 AD
Spring 33 A. D. Death of Christ. (30 AD or 33 AD) Spring 33 A. D.
Fall 36 A. D. Conversion of Cornelius unknown
Spring 1378 A. D. Wycliffe.
Spring 1521 A. D. Diet of Worms.
Fall 1846 A. D. Evangelical Alliance. ???
Fall 1874 A. D. Second Advent of the Lord End of Tribulation
Spring 1878 A. D. Favor to Jews and sleeping Saints. no such thing…
Fall 1914 A. D. End of Times of the Gentiles. Rapture
Fall 2875 A. D. Restitution completed. unknown
Fall 2914 A. D. Dominion restored to mankind. Dominion belongs to God

as you can see, Pastor Russell’s chronology is close in some areas, way off on others. However, we must get our dates from the Bible, not from measurements of the Great Pyramid.

The awakening of the sleeping saints, A. D. 1878, was just half way (three and one-half years each way) between the beginning of the Times of Restitution in 1874 and the close of the High Calling in 1881. Our proposition is that the glorification of the Little Flock in the Spring of 1918 A. D. will be half way (three and one-half years each way) between the close of the Gentile Times and the close of the Heavenly Way, A. D. 1921. The three days (three years— 1918-1921) fruitless search for Elijah (2 Kings 2:17-18) is a confirmation of this view. (pg. 84)

I continue to be astounded anyone can read ANYTHING like this and think, “Oh, yes, praise God!” and not… “Wait just a cotton picking minute! What does the search for the body of Elijah by the prophets after his Rapture have ANYTHING to do with 1918??? That’s the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard!!!” Obviously, the Witnesses are not reading their Bibles in context!

So then.— “The Spring of 1878, corresponding to the date at which our Lord assumed the office of King, rode on the ass, cleansed the Temple of its moneychangers, and wept over and gave up to desolation that nominal church or kingdom, marks the date from which the nominal church systems are not the mouth-pieces of God, nor in any degree recognized by Him.”— B235.

Huh??? Wait! I thought the Watchtower Society claims the Investigative Judgment happened after the publication of the Finished Mystery! And here the Finished Mystery is claiming it happened in 1878!!!

Can we be consistant here? So the Watchtower Society is lying in what they’re telling their Other Sheep today, or they’re lying in the Finished Mystery – which means that the Finished Mystery cannot be so doctrinally pure that the Lord Jesus Christ chose the Watchtower Society as the Faithful Slave – which title the Finished Mystery gave to Charles Taze Russell!!!

We have numerous contradictions here, now. This one quote from page 84 just completely upset the apple cart, and DEMOLISHES the entire claim of the Watchtower Society as God’s Chosen Organization!!!

Is the Finished Mystery right? If it is, the Watchtower Society is wrong! If the Watchtower Society is right, the Finished Mystery is wrong, and the Watchtower Society is completely invalidated in their claims to be the Faithful Slave, God’s Chosen Organization and representative! They simply cannot have it both ways! To say that the light was not as clear in those days is admitting the entire claim is false. Why should the Lord have chosen an organization that denied Him and was fumbling about, making it up as they go along, measuring pyramids made by pagans and using that to interpret the Bible???

This is one major reason the Watchtower Society does not want you reading the Finished Mystery – the very book they tell you is so correct that God chose the Witnesses. If you read this book (or purchase one!), I guarantee your entire faith in the Organization will come tumbling to the ground.

I urge you to come out of the Watchtower Society. Repent now, come out of her. They are not God’s chosen organization, but a cult that tries to enslave you, take control of you, and take your money.


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