5 Minutes with a Witness.

Most definitely worth reading – if you are a Witness and God has brought you to my blog, I recommend reading this article.
If you are someone trying to reach a Witness, please read this article. Good tips to leave them with something to think about.

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One thing that occurred to me when listening to a podcast recently, is what would I say if I literally have 5 minutes with a Jehovah’s Witness and I want to leave them with something? I imagine I am not alone in this as often they can catch us at a bad time or sometimes they don’t have the time to stay for long chats themselves. So in light of this I want to start putting occasional posts here and on our Mormon Blog, (Moment with a Mormon) where we try and give some ideas of things you can say in that short period of time.

This first one I got from Listening to Matt Slick on Carm Radio. I would massively recommend that podcast by the way.


Ok so here goes, your speaking to a Jehovah’s Witness, ask them to turn to Genesis 19:24 in their new world translation. It says:

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