Online Sermons bias

I went looking for online repositories of sermons for Baptist pastors. Specifically, I was looking for ones of old Baptist pastors. I did discover a few, but one of them had a lot of Jack Hyles. All the way down one side of the page.

And then switching to the middle of the page.

Then down the right side of the page.

I’m guessing the owner of that website wears a “100% Hyles!” button on his lapel. I mean, that’s okay if you like Jack Hyles. I mean, it’s his website. He can do what he wants with it. I do question Hyles and his preaching, because David Cloud reports that in many cases, well, Hyles would often advise congregations, “Just close your Bibles and listen to me.” That’s a big red flag as far as I’m concerned. Again, that guy owns that web site, and pays for it – he can do as he likes with it.

But I guess my point is, I’d rather he just had a website dedicated to Jack Hyles, and then hosted sermons by Independent Baptist preachers (Non Calvinist).

Sermon Audio is great 0 but I notice a disproportionist number of Calvinists on that website. Good mercy, there’s hundreds of them!

So, something that would help a lot is if someone created a sermonaudio kind of website for Independent Baptists, non calvinist, pre-trib, fundamental King James only, Narrow is the Way type Baptists. Let’s put people like Marc Monte, and David Cloud, and D. A. Waite on there,  and the old greats as well.

I think that’d be great.