Answering The Roman Catholic Church 11

So far, we’ve examined:

  • one needs only the written Bible
  • If you are saved, you should be able to simply read and understand the Bible. If you cannot understand it, this is a warning sign you may not be saved.
  • The commandments in the NT are so easy, one does not require a Magisterium to understand it
  • The RCc has no proof whatsoever for a Magisterium.
  • The Bible was once delivered to the saints, and at the close of the canon in AD 95, anyone who adds to it is under a curse.
  • The Roman Catholic views of the Bible
  • The laity and the ownership/study/reading of the Bible
  • The Magisterium refuted
  • Salvation by faith alone vs. works
  • infant baptism refuted
  • baptismal regeneration refuted
  • The Apocrypha was never quoted by the New Testament
  • The Apocrypha was not considered scripture by anyone for at least 400 years – after all the official lists of the inspired canon had been done
  • The apocrypha was never quoted by church fathers for at least 2 centuries after the time of Christ
  • The Bible is only the 66 books of the bible

Now, we’re done with the subject of the word of God. We’ve settled that the Magisterium is not the word of God, but the traditions of the church given equal or higher weight than the word of God. We’ve settled that the Apocrypha is not inspired or part of the Bible. We’ve settled that we are to be guided by the Bible alone, or as the Roman Catholics like to call it, “Sola Scriptura” – a subject they enjoy belittling.

Let’s deal with all the verses on the saints.



There is no verses on special people, holy men and women who can do miraculous powers and have the ability to intercede for our sakes on behalf of God. Indeed, it’s amazing such a doctrine exists in the Roman Catholic church, as it has absolutely zero scriptural support. Like most Roman Catholic teachings.

Who then are the saints? The New Testament makes numerous references to them.

If you are born again, you are a saint.

That probably sounds like blasphemy to a Roman Catholic.

the word Saint is not Greek, but Latin. It has the origin in Sanctus, meaning “made holy, set apart for holy use”. The Greek word is ἅγιος, Hagios (“Holy”), and the Hebrew is ‏חָסִיד Hassid, meaning righteous, holy, consecrated. Again, we need to remember that all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are Sanctified, set apart for Holy Use, separated from the world. I had to give you the Greek and Hebrew – after all, I spent two years learning it!

With this in mind, it becomes clear that all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are saints. So I am just as much a saint as St. John of the Cross, or St. Francis, or even Padre Pia – probably more so, as I’ve been born again, and I see no testimony of faith or a born again experience from any of the aforementioned.

David Cloud did a study of the life of Mother Theresa, and concluded that as she had no testimony, no evidence of being born again, showed none of the Biblical evidence of being born again (changed life, desire for God’s Holy Bible, a desire to evangelize) – she was most likely not born again. And this may shock you, but the Bible says in the strongest language that…

“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3 (KJV)

If you cannot enter the kingdom of God, where are you?

7 And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, 8 In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: 9 Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9 (KJV)

I say this to awaken the Roman Catholic that God led here for the purpose of reading this. I say this not to criticize, but rather to wake you. If a person that acts righteous and feeds the poor, takes care of those with leprosy and cares for orphans cannot save themselves of their own righteousness – neither can you. I urge you to be born again as soon as possible. Recognizing you may not ave read everything I’ve written on the subject, being born again is not confirmation, baptism, or accepting the Host at the Mass. Please read all of the pages on Roman Catholicism, as in the beginning I explain how to be born again spiritually, what that is and what it does and does not mean.

“But I thought the saints make intercession for us before the throne of God!!!”


22 By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament. 23 And they truly were many priests, because they were not suffered to continue by reason of death: 24 But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood. 25 Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. 26 For such an high priest became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens; 27 Who needeth not daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sins, and then for the people’s: for this he did once, when he offered up himself. Hebrews 7:22-27 (KJV)

9 Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second. 10 By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. 11 And every priest standeth daily ministering and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins: 12 But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God; 13 From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool. 14 For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. Hebrews 10:9-14 (KJV)

It is the Lord Jesus Christ who maketh intercession for us. Remember these verses, as they will get important when we discuss the Mass.

“So the Saints don’t make intercession for us?”

That was dealt with once and for all in the parable of Lazarus. By the way, the Parable of Lazarus is not a parable, but a real event recounted by the Lord. In the parables, they are always “A certain man” or “There was a king”. The Lord does not mention names in parables. Only the Rich Man is unnamed.

19 There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day: 20 And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores, 21 And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores. 22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; 23 And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. 24 And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. 25 But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. 26 And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence. 27 Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house: 28 For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment. 29 Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. 30 And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. 31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead. Luke 16:19-31 (KJV)

Notice neither Abraham nor Lazarus are able to help the Rich Man. They do not speak to God on his behalf, nor make intercession for him. Abraham talks about the “great gulf fixed”, how he is unable to leave, to come or go. And thus it was until Christ brought forth the captives. The righteous no longer are in Abraham’s bosom, but rather now in heaven.

There is no scriptural support for the saints making intercession to God. Again, if this were a doctrine of God, He would have had it placed in Scripture in plain words, and not by some allegorical mystical interpretation, the kind that Augustine extolled and Origen advocated. That kind of Bible interpretation is the deeds of unSaved men, forced to interpret the Bible in this manner because they do not have the Holy Spirit to bring understanding.

The Bible concludes this discussion in Hebrews by explaining it is the Lord who maketh intercession for us.


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