JW’s & The Holy Name

This one has a lot of Greek, and some Hebrew in it. I’m not anticipating any comments on this post- ever!

There are a number of issues with the Holy Name. For instance, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is how it’s written in Exodus 8. And the names YHVH and Elohim are also used. The English word Jehovah is impossible in the Hebrew, as there is no J. And without any syllables, it’s conjecture on how its pronounced.

The Greek does not have the name of God. It is not pronounceable in Greek, and is meaningless sounds. “Ieoah” is as close as Greek would get – and it makes no sense. rather, the Greek uses the word Theos.

Theos is a word the Greeks and Romans could recognize, although the Jewish use of it in the singular would have been odd, especially with the designation only (monos) and Monogenes (only begotten).

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. John 17:3 (KJV)

monon aleithenon theon is how the Greek reads. Only true God. In Hebrew Echad Emet Elohim. But there again is no way to put Elohim into Greek – it becomes a meaningless word to Greeks and Romans.

So, again, there is no evidence for the JW claim that the Holy Name was removed from the Greek text by the Pope, In addition, we have Greek texts dating back to before the first Pope, which was actually Boniface III, in AD 607. Before him was Gregory the Great, who did most of the setting in place of the doctrines and formalization that became the Roman Cathlic Church, 594-604.

Yet we have Greek texts going before this time, some of which belonged to Baptists who never bowed the knee to the Roman Church, such as the Paulicians, the Catharists, and the Donatists. These people were persecuted by the Church, and their Bibles burned when found. Any decree from any Pope to alter their Bibles would end up scorned and ignored. And the texts we do have were ones not found by the Roman Catholic Church – or they would have been burned, not emended.

In none of these texts do we see the greek letters ιεουαη or ιεουας, which is about as close as you’ll get to “Jehovah”, a name which actually could not be written even in English until after 1680 or so as the letters J and V are of recent origin. The V was originally pronounced “U”. So the word “Just” would be written “Jvste” or sometimes “Jvsste”, as their originally was no consistancy in how Englishe words where speyllede. In the 17th century, there was no way to fail spelling. Your way was as good as mine.

Going back to the original English translations, we see

& I appeared vnto Abraham, Isaac & Iacob, an Allmightie God: but my name, LORDE, haue I not shewed vnto them: (Exodus 6:3, Coverdale)

I appeared vnto Abraham, Isahac, and Iacob as an almightie God: but in my name Iehouah was I not knowen vnto them. (Exodus 6:3, Bishops)

And I appeared vnto Abraha, to Izhak, & to Iaakob by the Name of Almightie God: but by my Name Iehouah was I not knowen vnto the. (Exodus 6:3, Geneva)

and I appeared vnto Abraham, Isaac and Iacob an allmightie God: but in my name Iehouah was I not knowne vnto them. (Exodus 6:3, Tyndale)

And I appeared vnto Abraham, vnto Isaac, and vnto Iacob, by the Name of God Almighty, but by my name IEHOVAH was I not knowen to them. (Exodus 6:3 KJV-1611)

It was not until after 1680 or so that it began to be written “Jehovah”. And It was not until the Cambridge Edition of the King James in 1769 that spelling was finally standardized for all future editions of the Authorized Bible, also known as the King James.

What about Luther? Although he did not separate from Rome anywhere NEAR far enough, here is his German translation of the Bible,

und bin erschienen Abraham, Isaak und Jakob, daß ich ihr allmächtiger Gott sein wollte; aber mein Name, HERR, ist ihnen nicht offenbaret worden. (Exodus 6:3, Luther 1545)

Luthor chose “LORD” (HERR) rather than Iehouah.

so, the Watchtower Society claim of editing of Greek Texts does not bear out. In fact, they make the claim without any evidence, and despite the weight of evidence rising to the contrary.

So the New World Translation places Jehovah in places where the Greek and Hebrew texts do not have it.


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