Ecumenism II

“The New Evangelicalism advocates TOLERATION of error. It is following the downward path of ACCOMMODATION to error, COOPERATION with error, CONTAMINATION by error, and ultimate CAPITULATION to error!” (Charles Woodbridge, The New Evangelicalism, 1969).

We examined yesterday what is Ecumenism, what is Separation, and what the Bible had to say about it. It was probably a surprise how MUCH the bible has to say about it. I know how surprised I was! all those years, the verses in front of me… and nobody ever taught me on this subject.

The Bible calls for us to continue in the Apostles doctrine (Acts 2:42). although we’ve talked about Church successionism before, we’ll discuss it more later in detail connected with this subject. suffice it to say that (as we showed yesterday) any deviation from the apostles doctrine requires separation.

Roman Catholicism and Protestantism arte not the only issues. We also see a broad movement of Bible denying and increasing worldliness among Christians, fed by modernists who (to put it bluntly) are not saved.

The World has put up a subtle battle, moving modernists and bible deniers into pastorates, Bible colleges, and seminaries. They began questioning the inerrancy of the Bible, the existence of hell. Then as they got bolder, seeing as how the church did nothing, they began questioning the virgin birth. Then they began to deny the godhood of Jesus Christ. And the church did nothing.

The Unitarian church arose, and nobody protested. The Presbyterian church went through a split, over pastors who did not believe in Bible doctrine and who had accepted ordination despite disagreeing with the statement of faith of the denomination. Then the Methodists.

Baptists are not untouched. The Northen Baptist have split and re-split. Southern Baptists had to wrest control back of the convention from modernists and liberals. Yet nobody has cast the liberals and modernists out of the SBC. This MUST be done.

What must be done to save the SBC?

  1. Adopt a stronger statement of faith. Remove the weaker statements, and replace with more precise ones.
  2. “The Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired and is God’s revelation of Himself to man.” Which translation? no mention of 66 books, or 88 books (apocrypha)? no mention of preservation of the Bible. the phrase “true and trustworthy” should be replaced with the clear, unmistakeable “Inerrant”.
  3. Section X needs to have a clear statement on the Rapture, which is completely by-passed in the statement of faith. It speaks only of the Return of Jesus Christ – and no mention of the Rapture or its timing.
  4. Section XIII needs to have a defined statement on the Tithe. “Time, Talents and material possessions” seems to imply anything! While I applaud the “time and talents”, there should be a teaching on the 10% that God is entitled to.
  5. Section XIV is wholly unscriptural, and must be removed, and replaced with a statement on Biblical Separation.
  6. Return to the King James Bible, and an abandonment of all modern mis-translations and perversions..
  7. Require ALL pastors to sign a statemtn affirming their agreement with the new statement of faith – and the immediate requirement of all churches within the SBC to comply with it. Any Pastor that does not agree must resign from the SBC, and any church that wishes to retain a pastor that will not sign must depart from the SBC immediately.
  8. In conjunction with the above, the SBC should politely invite all Calvinist Pastors and teachers to start their own convention. Albert Mohler is incorrect in his belief that Calvinism is a historical concept for Baptists. Baptists have always believed the Bible, and the Bible says, “Whosoever believeth….” You cannot subvert our convention. We politely invite you to create your own. Call it the SBCC! Or CSBC, for Calvinist Southern Baptist Convention. Or SGSBC – sovereign Grace Southern Baptist Convention. Or call it Freddie. Whatever you like. But start your own/
  9. A complete rejection of all Christian Contemporary music from worship services within a year, after educating the congregations as to the perils of that form of music. (There is no denying the fact that all churches that begin adding CCM to their worship style end up changing doctrines, and eventually apostasizing). A simple run-down of history of places like Highland Park Baptist Church and West Coast will awaken congregation to the addition, education about the musicians performing this music and their beliefs will help congregations understand.
  10. a ruthless examination of all books sold by Lifeway bookstores will help keep the SBC free of error and controversy. Would we allow books promoting evolution and Hollywood in our bookstore? They’ll be moneymakers too! Then why permit books such as Velvet Elvis which deny the godhood of Jesus Christ, inerrancy of the Bible, and the reality of Hell? Why permit the sales of false Bible translations which promote the same things?
  11. More Godly pastors who is not afraid to be “old fashioned” (meaning, Biblical).

This is the only way to save the SBC. Otherwise, it will be Emerging within ten years.