E-Sword, TheWord, and Davar

Yup. I keep going back and forth. Davar is a program most people have never heard of. I’ve tried every free Bible program, and in many cases, I think I like The Word the best. But here’s the step by step review.

Davar: Its main strength is the dictionaries. It has several language dictionaries, and I have the windows set up for “Hebrew to English” and the Hebrew Dictionary. This way I can check my iffy Hebrew spelling! Aside from these… I don’t use it much. If they were to concentrate o this feature, and get people to help them with other foreign languages, it’d be a big hit.

E-Sword: The Reigning champ. It’s strong points are, well, the image gallery/maps, and its search functions. I think Rick realized a while ago that its search functions would keep the program from obsolescence. The drawback? slow. very slow. And the main criticism by some users is that when Rick plans on making changes to E-sword, user objections amount to absolutely nothing. This resulted in one of the most prolific module creators for E-Sword (David Cox) switching to The Word instead.

The Word: Pretender to the throne. If they ever added the image gallery/maps and greatly improved the search function… I think that The Word would easily replace E-Sword. I know I enjoy doing commentary much more in The Word. The main drawback? Lack of user documentation and software authoring tools. I would love to distribute my verse and topic notes as a commentary module, but lack of second party software makes that difficult.

Now, for the issue – I can’t make up my mind which to use. Between E-Sword and The Word, I have probably 15% of a complete Bible commentary. When the thought takes me to jot down notes on a book verse or chapter, I usually set it down in whichever program I’m using at the time!

UPDATED 5/5/12:

Bible Explorer – someone bought me Bible Explorer. It’s a little clunky to use.

Updated 4/28/13

I no longer use Davar. It’s been removed from my computer. I mostly use Bible Explorer now, I also use Bible Analyzer a lot, and after almost a year of not opening it or using it, I’m back to using E-Sword a lot.

The strengths of Bible Explorer? it’s a free program also (use this link to download it) and it uses all the available Wordsearch library.



Update 8/3/13!

Bible Explorer has been replaced by Wordsearch Basic. I got that… and promptly bought the full Wordsearch for $30. I haven’t used theWord in almost a year. It’s not even on my new laptop. I still have E-Sword on there, but only to use modules I have on Esword that I don’t have on Wordsearch.

Update 2016

Now using Logos. That’s pretty much it.


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    1. No I haven’t – I’m sold on Wordsearch, but if anyone is looking for a freeware version, I leave that option open, of course!


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