It gets upsetting sometimes to have to fight so many battles on so many fronts.

On the Evangelical Christian front, you’ve got people like John Ankerberg, who is a fairly good apologist. Yet he lumps all Fundamentalist KJV Only believers into one category. It’s exactly the kind of hypocrisy that he battles against – and yet his own organization states “KJVO proponents, of whom Gail Riplinger, Peter Ruckman and D. A. Waite are good examples…”

That would be like saying, “Democrats, of whom Martin Luther King Jr., Roseanne Arnold and Adolph Hitler are good examples…” The stated principles of which all three persons listed are all diametrically opposed – it’s impossible to link them together.

D. A. Waite is a scholar, well educated, having several degrees in Hebrew and Greek. He is a King James Bible proponent because of conviction after examining the evidence.

I lack the time and finances to stop and examine Mr. Ruckman’s writings to verify for myself. But I have examined the writings of others Mr. Cloud has warned about, and found Mr. Cloud to be a well-informed and credible source. Peter Ruckman, according to David Cloud and Marc Monte, can at best be described as a man who writes bizarre theories (flying saucers and CIA-mind control…) and holds an almost cult-like influence over his followers. Marc Monte goes farther in describing him as a heretic.

Now, I don’t agree 100% with any one human being. I will state I agree with David Cloud 90-95% of the time, and Marc Monte about 85-90% of the time.

I’ll take a moment and state I agree with the Lord Jesus Christ 100% of the time. But Jesus Christ is more than just a human being! I follow Jesus Christ, and not a man.

Returning to the subject at hand, Gail Riplinger claims that the King James is superior to the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, the Textus Receptus and Masoretic texts. She goes so far as to claim that all tools such as Strong’s Concordence are corrupt and toxic, and we should not go to the Textus Receptus to read the Greek, since God did a second and additional Inspiration, elevating the King James Bible above the originals, making them superfluous. This is unScriptural, as Jude contends that the faith, once delivered to the saints (stating that once completed, the Bible is IT!) and the warnings in Revelation not to add from nor subtract from the word of God. And Psalms 12:6-7 tells us that god will preserve His words forever.

I am King James Only. It does not mean that I believe the same as Peter Ruckman (“Second Inspiration”) or Gail Riplinger (“King James Only, above the original Greek and Hebrew”), or even D. A. Waite! I will say I agree with everything I’ve heard D. A. Waite say or write about the King James Bible… but I have only a half dozen sermons/messages by him, and a handful of articles. I agree with David Cloud (who interestingly enough, was not invited to the television show Ankerberg has) on the King James Bible.

Ankerberg protests that we are pigeonholing him, by labeling him as anti-KJV, and claims this is hypocrisy. Yet Ankerberg (and his co-workers) are doing exactly the same thing by lumping all KJV-only believers in the same category as Riplinger and Ruckman, and by listing D. A. Waite in the same category he is implying that Waite is as off-kilter as they are.

Ankerberg owes all KJV-only believers an apology. Or at least an admission that while he is not anti-KJV, he is most definitely anti-KJV-only.