Rob Bell

Rob Bell

And… it’s no surprise to me that Rob Bell abandoned his church to pursue a career in television. He’s been pretending to be a Christian for years, so acting should be easy for him.

“They [the New Testament epistles] aren’t first and foremost timeless truths. … (Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis)

Did his church feel happy for him, that he’d gotten his dream? or did they feel shocked, betrayed, dismayed? I’d love to hear from a Mars Hill church member and see how they felt.

Rob Bell is toxic. If I’d heard him say to me face to face as a Christian what he’d written in Velvet Elvis and in Love Wins, I’d have disagreed with him and chalked him up as just a lost person who thinks they’re saved.

But he wasn’t. He was a pastor. I guess the sheep costume got too itchy for him, or too hot over all that wolf fur.

And worse, he was an influential pastor. His NOOMA series is a big seller at Christian Book Distributors, as are Love Wins and Velvet Elvis. I wish I could get every God-Fearing Baptist to write a warning review of it and tell people “DO NOT BUY THIS! IT WILL LEAD YOU ASTRAY!”

We’ve entered the Great Apostasy period before the Rapture. It’s time the Church woke up, and began a major evangelistic campaign to get people saved… and a major Warning ministry to warn those who are being led astray. We need to be lifting up David Cloud, and not bashing him.

Rob Bell is not a saved man. If he is, I’d be astounded, and very relieved. Because he talks and acts like an unsaved man, and I pray he gets saved before he finds out how wrong Love Wins really is.